1. Elgar Asian Commercial Law and Practice series

    Series editors: Douglas Arner, Xian Chu Zhang and Chin Leng Lim, University of Hong Kong

    The Elgar Asian Commercial Law and Practice series is a library of works by leading practitioners and scholars covering discrete areas of law in the field of Asian Commercial Law. Each title is analytical in approach, highlighting and unpicking the legal issues that are most critical and relevant to practice. Designed to be detailed, focused reference works, the books in this series aim to offer an authoritative statement on the law and practice in key topics within the field, including corporate, dispute resolution, taxation, and cross-border transactions.

Books in this series

  1. Conflict of Laws in the People’s Republic of China

    Conflict of Laws in the People’s Republic of China

    Zheng Sophia Tang, Yongping Xiao, Zhengxin Huo
    The area of conflict of laws in China has undergone fundamental development in the past three decades and the most recent changes in the 2010s, regarding both jurisdiction and choice of law rules, mark the establishment of modern Chinese conflicts system. Jointly written by three professors from both China and the UK, this book provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of Chinese conflict of laws in civil and commercial matters. It takes into account the latest developments in legislation and judicial interpretation, case law and judicial practice, and historical, political and economic background, especially recognizing the scholarly contribution made by Chinese scholars to this field. Learn More
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