1. Elgar International Law series

    Editorial Board: Fausto Pocar, University of Milan, Italy and ICTY, The Hague, the Netherlands, Christian Tams, University of Glasgow, UK, Nigel D. White, University of Nottingham, UK, Jacob Katz Cogan, University of Cincinnati, US and Hilary Charlesworth, Australian National University

    This important new series will present high quality monographs which analyse current thinking and research across the field of International Law, rigorously examining key concepts as well as provoking debate and questions for further research. Some volumes will draw on insights from disciplines other than law, such as economics and politics, in an attempt to arrive at a genuinely inter-disciplinary perspective. Seeking to attract original thinking and new, challenging research, proposals are encouraged that primarily engage with new and previously under-developed themes in the field, or alternatively offer an innovative analysis of areas of uncertainty in the existing law. Bringing together work from both established authors and a new generation of scholars, the Elgar International Law series will play an important role in the development of thinking in the field.

Books in this series

  1. The Paradigm of State Consent in the Law of Treaties

    The Paradigm of State Consent in the Law of Treaties

    Vassilis Pergantis
    The paradigm of state consent in the law of treaties is increasingly under attack. Which narratives on the treaty concept legitimize or delegitimize the challenges to the consensualist paradigm? Which areas of the law of treaties are more concerned by these attacks? What are the ensuing risks? From consent to be bound to treaty succession, and from treaty denunciation to reservations, this book offers a tour de force on the paradigm of state consent, its challenges, and their politics. Learn More
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  2. International Claims Commissions

    International Claims Commissions

    Lea Brilmayer, Chiara Giorgetti, Lorraine Charlton
    International claims commissions have, over the last few decades, established themselves as important and permanent fixtures in international adjudication. This book provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the workings and mechanics of claims commissions to assess their success and predict their utility in the future. The book authors examines the legal framework of an international claims commission and the basic elements its processing procedure, as well as exploring the difficulties and challenges associated with operating costs, remedies and compliance with judgments. Learn More
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  3. Epistemic Forces in International Law

    Epistemic Forces in International Law

    Jean d’Aspremont
    Epistemic Forces in International Law examines the methodological choices of international lawyers through considering theories of statehood, sources, institutions and law-making. From this examination, Jean d'Aspremont presents a discerning insight into the way in which international lawyers shape their arguments to secure validation within the international law community. Learn More
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