1. Elgar Monographs in Intellectual Property Law

    Series editors: Graeme B. Dinwoodie, Professor of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, University of Oxford, UK , Rochelle C. Dreyfuss, Pauline Newman Professor of Law, NYU School of Law, US and Annette Kur, Professor Dr, Dr h.c., Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, Munich, Germany

    This monograph series provides an important forum for authoritative scholarly works in the field of intellectual property law. It represents a showcase for original research that is theoretically rigorous and analytically precise, but above all meets the highest academic standards – setting the benchmark for scholarship in IP. Whether considering the most pressing issues in the field of intellectual property or offering a fresh take on well-worn ground, books in the series cover the full array of rights and issues, from trade marks, copyright, and patents to trade secrets, TRIPS and design rights, and from traditional knowledge and development issues to geographical indications. Sometimes critical, often challenging, and always global in outlook, the series seeks books that engage with new and previously under-developed themes in the field, draw on other disciplines in order to further thinking in the field, or alternatively attempt to redefine or to offer a definitive statement on areas of uncertainty in the existing law. The primary mission of the series is the development of original thinking in intellectual property law. It fosters the best theoretical and empirical work from both well-established authors and the next generation of scholars.

Books in this series

  1. Intellectual Property, Climate Change and Technology

    Intellectual Property, Climate Change and Technology

    Abbe E.L. Brown
    Exploring the potential for alignment as well as conflict between IP and climate change Intellectual Property, Climate Change and Technology encourages a coherent and integrated approach to decision making across the IP, climate change and technology landscape. This groundbreaking book identifies and challenges the lack of intersection between intellectual property law and climate change law at national level. Learn More
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  2. (Re)structuring Copyright

    (Re)structuring Copyright

    Daniel J. Gervais
    In this bold and persuasive work Daniel Gervais, one of the world’s leading thinkers on the subject of intellectual property, argues that the international copyright system is in need of a root and branch rethink. As the Internet alters the world in which copyright operates beyond all recognition, a world increasingly defined by the might of online intermediaries and spawning a generation who are simultaneously authors, users and re-users of creative works, the structure of copyright in its current form is inadequate and unfit for purpose. This ambitious and far-reaching book sets out to diagnose in some detail the problems faced by copyright, before eloquently mapping out a path for comprehensive and structured reform. It contributes a reasoned and novel voice to a debate that is all too often driven by ignorance and partisan self-interest. Learn More
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