1. Elgar Politics and Business series

    Series editors: Aynsley Kellow, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia, Tony Porter, Department of Politics, McMaster University, Canada and Karsten Ronit, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Business is intrinsically woven into our societies, affecting in crucial ways how wealth is produced and distributed, the way our societies are governed and how power is exercised. Recognising this fact, the Elgar Politics and Business series is an innovative new arena for original research across the breadth of this dynamic and important area of study. Covering a broad range of topics, the series examines issues such as: the politics of business taxation, business as an ‘active force’ in politics, the political power of corporations, business and regulation, and the politics of global value chains. Drawing key inspiration from political science, the series is interdisciplinary in nature, and will attract submissions from across the social sciences and law. Both international and comparative in its approach, this exciting series encompasses theoretical and empirical work from both well-established researchers and emerging scholars.

Books in this series

  1. Business, Civil Society and the ‘New’ Politics of Corporate Tax Justice

    Business, Civil Society and the ‘New’ Politics of Corporate Tax Justice

    Edited by Richard Eccleston, Ainsley Elbra
    Since the financial crisis the extent of corporate tax avoidance has attracted media headlines and the attention of political leaders the world over. This study examines the ‘new’ politics of corporate taxation and the role of civil society organisations in shaping the international tax agenda and influencing the tax practices of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations. It highlights the complex and multi-dimensional strategies used by activists to influence public opinion, formal regulation and corporate behaviour in relation to international taxation. Learn More
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