1. Global Development Network series

    Series editor: George Mavrotas, Global Development Network , India

    Meeting the challenge of development in the contemporary age of globalization demands greater empirical knowledge. While most research emanates from the developed world, the Global Development Network series is designed to give voice to researchers from the developing and transition world - those experiencing first-hand the promises and pitfalls of development. This series presents the best examples of innovative and policy-relevant research from such diverse countries as Nigeria and China, India and Argentina, Russia and Egypt. It encompasses all major development topics ranging from the details of privatization and social safety nets to broad strategies to realize the Millennium Development Goals and achieve the greatest possible progress in developing countries.

Books in this series

  1. Security and Development

    Security and Development

    Edited by George Mavrotas
    This important book tackles some of the main security challenges facing the international development community today. Containing contributions by leading experts, including some who have been at the centre of the international policy debate, it goes further by putting forward suggestions and recommendations as to how best deal with these threats as well as challenges in this crucial area. Learn More
    2012   Hardback Price: $ 138.00   Web: $ 124.20
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  2. Global Exchange and Poverty

    Global Exchange and Poverty

    Edited by Robert E.B. Lucas, Lyn Squire, T. N. Srinivasan
    This book examines how policies implemented by members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) affect development and poverty in developing and transition economies. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 160.00   Web: $ 144.00
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  3. Diversity in Economic Growth

    Diversity in Economic Growth

    Edited by Gary McMahon, Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Lyn Squire
    Economists have long relied on cross-country regression analysis to identify the determinants of continued growth, but with only limited success. This book demonstrates the value of a different approach. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 183.00   Web: $ 164.70
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  4. Health Care Systems in Developing and Transition Countries

    Health Care Systems in Developing and Transition Countries

    Edited by Diana Pinto Masís, Peter C. Smith
    Health policy is a central preoccupation of many, if not all, developing countries. This book presents a selection of ten studies that illustrate the powerful tool that carefully conducted research can offer policy-makers seeking to address common health policy issues. The studies included in this book illustrate the major gains to patients and citizens that can accrue from research efforts, stimulating research capacity in developing countries. Although many of the challenges confronting health systems are universal, it is often the case that research results derived from developing countries can be misleading when applied to the low or middle-income settings. This insightful book will be a valuable research tool for academics, researchers and policy-makers in economics and health. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 168.00   Web: $ 151.20
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  5. China, India and Beyond

    China, India and Beyond

    Edited by Natalia Dinello, Shaoguang Wang
    China, India and Beyond challenges the widespread belief that China and India will be the driving forces of the global economy in the 21st century. Scholars of these two countries offer scenarios ranging from buoyant to subdued to negative, depending on how they evaluate the drivers of development (market-oriented reforms, global integration and investment in human capital), and its limitations (infrastructure bottlenecks, environmental degradation and institutional frailties). The book covers a broad set of topics, including international trade and investment, health care and grassroots democracy. Readers from all countries will benefit from this cogent analysis of the delicate balance among various ingredients of successful development versus failure. Learn More
    2009   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  6. Economic Reform in Developing Countries

    Economic Reform in Developing Countries

    Edited by José María Fanelli, Lyn Squire
    This book offers insights into the process of economic reform in developing countries. It is organized around three factors that are critical to the success of any reform. According to Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, these key dimensions are Reach, Range, and Reason. ‘Reach’ refers to the ability of reform to be person-centered and evenhanded, reaching all individuals in society. ‘Range’ considers the institutional reforms and policy changes necessary to implement change and the possible ripple effects on other policies and populations. Finally, ‘Reason’ captures the importance of constantly asking why a particular reform has been selected. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 175.00   Web: $ 157.50
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  7. Political Institutions and Development

    Political Institutions and Development

    Edited by Natalia Dinello, Vladimir Popov
    Political Institutions and Development challenges the cliché that ‘good institutions’ are essential for sustainable socio-economic development by focusing on the need to adapt potential solutions to local conditions. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  8. Testing Global Interdependence

    Testing Global Interdependence

    Edited by Ernest Aryeetey, Natalia Dinello
    This, the first book in the Global Development Network series, brings together the views of researchers from the developing and developed world and provides models of successful research conducted in developing and transition countries. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 136.00   Web: $ 122.40
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