1. New Horizons in East Asian Politics series

    Series editors: Richard W. Hu, Professor of Political Science, University of Hong Kong and Andrew T.H. Tan, Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Australia

    The New Horizons in East Asian Politics series is an innovative forum for original research on the key geopolitical region of East Asia (including Southeast Asia). Covering a diverse range of topics, the series will welcome submissions focusing on this region from across the spectrum of political science, including: international relations; international politics; security; defence; political economy; human rights; geopolitics; politics and international law; and comparative politics. Edited and authored, theoretical and empirical work from both well-established researchers and the next generation of scholars will be included in the series. Topics covered could include the rise of China, China’s relations with the rest of the region, environmental politics, regional trade relations, the United States’ role in East Asia, and regional security issues. Under the guidance of Series Editors Richard W. Hu and Andrew T.H. Tan, the series will publish the very best in new research on the politics of East Asia.

Books in this series

  1. China in the Global Political Economy

    China in the Global Political Economy

    Gordon C.K. Cheung
    Is the US losing its economic authority to China, whose global economic identity is being determined more by entrepreneurial spirit than developmental principle? Through the exercise of soft power and hard currency in some areas of the global economy, China has clear national interest in the protection of intellectual property rights, financial integration and sovereign wealth funds. China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will set new standard to global economic development. Learn More
    2018   Hardback Price: $ 120.00   Web: $ 108.00
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  2. China's Rise and Australia–Japan–US Relations

    China's Rise and Australia–Japan–US Relations

    Edited by Michael Heazle, Andrew O’Neil
    One of the most pressing policy challenges for Australia and Japan today is ensuring that China’s rise does not threaten the stability of the Asia-Pacific, while also avoiding triggering conflict with their largest trading partner. This book examines how Australian and Japanese perceptions of US primacy shape their respective views of the Asia-Pacific regional order, the robustness of Asia’s alliance system, and the future of Australia-Japan security cooperation. Learn More
    2018   Hardback Price: $ 145.00   Web: $ 130.50
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  3. Understanding China’s New Diplomacy

    Understanding China’s New Diplomacy

    Gerald Chan
    What is China’s high-speed rail diplomacy? What is China’s infrastructure diplomacy? How do they relate to each other and to the country’s Belt and Road Initiative? Can China finance the numerous projects around the world under the initiative? This book assesses the important implications of China’s new diplomacy for the global political economy. It argues that a new developmental path called ‘geo-developmentalism’ is in the making: China plays a leading role in promoting growth and building connections across Eurasia and beyond. Learn More
    2018   Hardback Price: $ 99.95   Web: $ 89.96
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