1. New Horizons in Human Geography series

    Series editor: John Agnew, Distinguished Professor of Geography, University of California, US

    As a broad and integrative discipline, Human Geography affords a unique perspective on the challenges that human societies face. Open to high-quality authored, co-authored and edited works, this book series captures the cutting-edge of research being conducted across Human Geography. International in scope, the series provides a forum for leading scholarship which advances contemporary debates, offers theoretical and methodological innovation and facilitates the development of new research agendas in the field.

Books in this series

  1. Social Imaginaries of Space

    Social Imaginaries of Space

    Bernard Debarbieux
    Travelling through various historical and geographical contexts, Social Imaginaries of Space explores diverse forms of spatiality, examining the interconnections which shape different social collectives. Proposing a theory on how space is intrinsically linked to the making of societies, this book examines the history of the spatiality of modern states and nations and the social collectives of Western modernity in a contemporary light. Learn More
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