1. PRIME Series on Research and Innovation Policy in Europe

    Series editor: Philippe Larédo, ENPC, France

    The last decade has seen dramatic transformations in the configuration of national systems of innovation in Europe and in the way in which knowledge is produced. This important new series will provide a forum for the publication of high quality work analyzing these changes and proposing new frameworks for the future. In particular it will address the changing dynamics of knowledge production within the NBIC (Nano, Bio, Information, Cognitive) sciences and within different industries and services. It will also examine the changing relationship between science and society and the growing importance of both regional and European public authorities. The series will include some of the best empirical and theoretical work in the field with contributions from leading and emerging scholars.

Books in this series

  1. Science and Innovation Policy for the New Knowledge Economy

    Science and Innovation Policy for the New Knowledge Economy

    Edited by Massimo G. Colombo, Luca Grilli, Lucia Piscitello, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra
    This timely book brings together cutting-edge research on the important subject of science and innovation policies. The contributors – distinguished social science scholars – tackle the key challenges of designing and implementing public policies in the context of the new knowledge economy. Learn More
    2011   Hardback Price: $ 125.00   Web: $ 112.50
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  2. The Theory and Practice of Innovation Policy

    The Theory and Practice of Innovation Policy

    Edited by Ruud E. Smits, Stefan Kuhlmann, Phillip Shapira
    This comprehensive Handbook explores the interactions between the practice, policy, and theory of innovation. The goal is twofold: to increase insight into this dynamic process, searching for options to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of both policy and innovative practice, and to identify conceptual or empirical lacunae and questions that can guide future research. The Handbook is a joint project from 24 prominent scholars in the field, and although each chapter reveals the insights of its respective authors, two overarching theoretical perspectives provide unique coherence and consistency throughout. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 264.00   Web: $ 237.60
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    2012   Paperback Price: $ 65.00   Web: $ 52.00
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  3. The Sociology of Scientific Work

    The Sociology of Scientific Work

    Dominique Vinck
    More than ever before, science and technology play a significant role in modern society as evidenced by the development of nanotechnologies and the controversies surrounding GMOs and climate change. This book comprehensively explores the flourishing field of science and technology studies and examines its creation, development and interaction with contemporary society. Learn More
    2010   Hardback Price: $ 136.00   Web: $ 122.40
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    2012   Paperback Price: $ 54.00   Web: $ 43.20
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  4. The Handbook of Technology Foresight

    The Handbook of Technology Foresight

    Edited by Luke Georghiou, Jennifer Cassingena Harper, Michael Keenan, Ian Miles, Rafael Popper
    In this comprehensive and critical Handbook, cross-cutting analytical chapters explore the emergence and positioning of foresight, common approaches and methods, organisational issues, and the scope for policy transfer and evaluation. Leading experts and practitioners contribute chapters analysing experiences in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, Japan, China, Latin America, small European nations, Nordic countries and selected developing countries. The book concludes with consideration of the future of foresight itself. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 248.00   Web: $ 223.20
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    2009   Paperback Price: $ 83.00   Web: $ 66.40
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  5. Universities and Strategic Knowledge Creation

    Universities and Strategic Knowledge Creation

    Edited by Andrea Bonaccorsi, Cinzia Daraio
    Although the role of universities in the knowledge society is increasingly significant, there remains a severe lack of systematic quantitative evidence at the micro-level, with virtually all policy discussion based on country level statistics or case studies. This book redresses the balance by examining original data from universities in six European countries – Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Learn More
    2007   Hardback Price: $ 208.00   Web: $ 187.20
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