1. Queen Mary Studies in Intellectual Property series

    Series editors: Uma Suthersanen, Queen Mary, University of London, Graham Dutfield, University of Leeds and Ilanah Simon Fhima, University College London, UK

    The Queen Mary Studies in Intellectual Property series is an important forum for acute and relevant debate in the field of intellectual property. The series publishes books by renowned guest editors who commission original and often provocative work by both leading scholars and specialist practitioners on key subjects and issues in intellectual property. Combining volumes that are theoretical in their analysis with others that seek to explore the issues from a more practical perspective. The scope is wide-ranging, synthesizing insights from a range of inter and cross-disciplinary backgrounds.

Books in this series

  1. Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property

    Knowledge Management and Intellectual Property

    Edited by Stathis Arapostathis, Graham Dutfield
    The book links the practices and regimes of the past with those of contemporary and emerging forms, covering the mid-19th century to the present. The contributors are noted scholars from various disciplines including history of science and technology, intellectual property law, and innovation studies. The chapters offer original perspectives on how proprietary regimes in knowledge production processes have developed as a socio-political phenomenon of modernity, as well as providing an analysis of the way individuals, institutions and techno-sciences interact within this culture. Learn More
    2013   Hardback Price: $ 152.00   Web: $ 136.80
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  2. Intellectual Property and Emerging Technologies

    Intellectual Property and Emerging Technologies

    Edited by Matthew Rimmer, Alison McLennan
    This unique and comprehensive collection investigates the challenges posed to intellectual property by recent paradigm shifts in biology. It explores the legal ramifications of emerging technologies, such as genomics, synthetic biology, stem cell research, nanotechnology, and biodiscovery. Learn More
    2012   Hardback Price: $ 206.00   Web: $ 185.40
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  3. An Emerging Intellectual Property Paradigm

    An Emerging Intellectual Property Paradigm

    Edited by Ysolde Gendreau
    This book brings together contributions from reputed experts on Canadian intellectual property law which highlight its special features. Situated at the crossroads between legal traditions in Europe and the United States, Canada’s intellectual property laws blend various elements from these regions and can offer innovative approaches. The chapters focus primarily on patents, trademarks, and copyrights, covering both historical and contemporary developments. They are designed to bring perspective and reflection upon what has become in recent years a very rich intellectual property environment. Learn More
    2009   Hardback Price: $ 160.00   Web: $ 144.00
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  4. Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property

    Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property

    Edited by Guido Westkamp
    Uniting contributions at the cutting edge of IP research, the authors, all former or current members and associates of the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, University of London, address a number of diverse topics in relation to existing copyright, trademark and patent law. They examine political and juridical issues in fields such as geographical indications and traditional knowledge, agriculture and information technology, pharmaceuticals and access to medicines, human rights and IP strategy. Learn More
    2008   Hardback Price: $ 184.00   Web: $ 165.60
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  5. US Intellectual Property Law and Policy

    US Intellectual Property Law and Policy

    Edited by Hugh Hansen
    This book identifies and addresses the key principles and policies with regard to the protection of intellectual property in the United States. A select group of highly-regarded contributors illustrate several themes which are recurrent in the many debates concerning US law and policy on intellectual property. Learn More
    2006   Hardback Price: $ 127.00   Web: $ 114.30
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