1. Schools of Thought in Sociology series

    Series editor: John Urry, Lancaster University, UK

    Covering 12 schools of thought central to the sociological discipline, each volume includes influential articles which are not readily accessible, even in the archives of major libraries throughout the world!

Books in this series

  1. The Sociology of Gender

    The Sociology of Gender

    Edited by Sarah Franklin
    The Sociology of Gender combines 21 classic articles on this important topic with a broad-ranging editorial introduction. Emphasizing the categorical function of ‘gender’ as a social technology, this volume develops a unique approach to one of the most important areas of late twentieth century sociological thought. Combining accessible and specialized contributions to the sociology of gender, The Sociology of Gender demonstrates the vitality and breadth of gender theory within the social sciences as a whole. The book comprises a unique contribution to gender theory in its own right, while also providing an up- to- date and coherent selection of many of the key articles from the past 20 years addressed to sex and gender categories. Learn More
    1996   Hardback Price: $ 281.00   Web: $ 252.90
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  2. Positivist Sociology and its Critics

    Positivist Sociology and its Critics

    Edited by Peter Halfpenny, Peter McMylor
    This is a carefully edited selection of the seminal articles and papers on positivism which has been an important cornerstone of sociology. Positivism has had an enormous influence on both the theoretical ambitions and empirical research strategies of sociology ever since Comte coined both the terms ‘positivism’ and ‘sociology’ over a century ago. This influence was strengthened during the heyday of logical positivism in the early decades of this century, with its rigorous attempt to rid all the sciences, natural and social, of metaphysical speculations. The whole of the history of sociology could be described as a struggle with positivism, its proponents attempting to secure the foundations of a scientific study of society and its critics seeking to identify what it is about the social that frees it from positivist canons. These books gathers together the most influential voices in the struggle over the very nature of the discipline of sociology. Learn More
    1994   Hardback Price: $ 1,021.00   Web: $ 918.90
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  3. Psychoanalytic Sociology

    Psychoanalytic Sociology

    Edited by Jeffrey Prager, Michael Rustin
    Psychoanalytic Sociology presents a careful selection of the most important seminal articles on the inter-relations which have developed between psychoanalysis and sociology. A new introductory chapter, prepared by the editors, reviews the most recent developments clarifying the different influences of psychoanalytical writers such as Freud, Klein and Lacan on sociological thought. A broad definition of ‘the sociological’ has been adopted, corresponding to the topics and ideas being explored. Learn More
    1993   Hardback Price: $ 457.00   Web: $ 411.30
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