1. The International Library of Studies in Media and Culture series

    Series editors: Laurie Taylor, formerly of University of York and Andrew Tudor, University of York, UK

    This series presents selections of seminal article which have defined the parameters of major fields of research in media and culture studies.

Books in this series

  1. The Political Economy of the Media

    The Political Economy of the Media

    Edited by Peter Golding, Graham Murdock
    These two volumes bring together key readings in the political economy of the mass media and analyse and explain the role of the media in modern society. Covering a wide spectrum of articles on media and communications over a broad period of time, the collection includes discussion on the political economy approach to communications, the capitalist enterprise and creation of communications, ideology and the protecting the common good in the management and regulation of communications and the media. Learn More
    1997   Hardback Price: $ 815.00   Web: $ 733.50
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    Edited by Terry Lovell
    Feminist Cultural Studies is a key reference collection covering a broad spectrum including ethnographic studies, audiences and reading, culture in the making of subjectivity, and popular culture such as film, television, dance, make-up and advertising. Other areas addressed include contemporary theory and method, the uses of the female body as a cultural product, and the inter-relationship of ‘race’ and ethnicity in the cultural construction of gender. This collection includes seminal essays by well-known writers such as Susan Bordo, Hazel Carby, Sue-Ellen Case, Rita Felski, Jane Gaines, Susan Gubar, Angela McRobbie, Toril Moi, Toni Morrison, Laura Mulvey, Janice Radway, Jacqueline Rose, Gayatry Spivak, Carolyn Steedman, Catherine Stimpson, Elizabeth Wilson and many others. Learn More
    1995   Hardback Price: $ 693.00   Web: $ 623.70
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