1. Traditional Classics on Leadership

    Traditional Classics on Leadership

    Edited by J. T. Wren, Douglas A. Hicks, Terry L. Price
    Leadership might be thought of as the process that facilitates the achievement of group or societal objectives. As such, it has been at the centre of learned reflection and debate from earliest times. Philosophers, religious leaders, political theorists, and reformers have struggled with (and argued about) the moral purpose of leadership, how individuals and societies can go about achieving desired ends, and what role leaders and followers play in the process. This volume draws together in one place some of the best thinking on these and other issues from the great minds of the Western tradition. Taken together, the selections of this volume provide a rich and textured source for an initial understanding of some of the central issues of leadership. Learn More
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  2. Foundations of Social Capital

    Foundations of Social Capital

    Edited by Elinor Ostrom, T. K. Ahn
    The selected articles embed the concept in core theoretical work in economics, political science, sociology, development theory, and philosophy. Topics include: contemporary conceptual and philosophical foundations; forms of social capital; and the relation of social capital to both development and democracy. Learn More
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  3. Economic Foundations of Private Law

    Economic Foundations of Private Law

    Edited by Richard A. Posner, Francesco Parisi
    This paperback reader brings together some seminal papers on law and economics, with special emphasis on the foundational contributions to the economics of property, contracts and torts. The growing influence of these writings in the judicial profession, and in the academic world, underscores the relevance and importance of these early contributions and the growing maturity of the law and economics movement. These seminal papers have provided the foundations for the development of an overarching economic theory of law and, most importantly, have opened new areas of research for present and future generations of jurists and economists alike. Learn More
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  4. The Economics of Transaction Costs

    The Economics of Transaction Costs

    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson, Scott E Masten
    Transaction cost economics began to take shape around thirty years ago and has since been established as an essential tool used to illuminate a wide range of problems in economics and other social sciences. This paperback reader for students and scholars presents, in a convenient and accessible form, the articles which together form the foundations of research in transaction cost economics. Learn More
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    Edited by Wallace E. Oates
    The Economics of the Environment is a working collection of the leading papers in the field of environmental economics. It presents within the compass of a single volume the two central issues in environmental economics: the theory and practice of economic regulation and the valuation of environmental amenities. Wallace E. Oates has included both the classics, the seminal papers in the field, and some of the recent work that is making an important contribution to the economic analysis of environmental problems. Learn More
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  6. Industrial Organization

    Industrial Organization

    Edited by Oliver E. Williamson
    Oliver Williamson is one of the most important industrial economists of our time. He has made a major contribution to economic scholarship and remains at the forefront of research into transaction costs and the theory of the firm. In this volume he has provided a very careful selection of what he considers to be the most important articles and papers in industrial organization. It contains 23 articles, dating from 1937 to 1987. Papers by Kenneth J. Arrow, Ronald H. Coase, Franco Modigliani, Michael Rothschild, Herbert A. Simon, George J. Stigler and Joseph Stiglitz are included in this collection. Learn More
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