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Cross-Border Copyright Licensing

Law and Practice Edited by Carlo Scollo Lavizzari and René Viljoen, Lenz & Caemmerer, Basel, Switzerland
Copyright Licensing can no longer be considered purely from the perspective of the licensor’s home territory. This practical and wide-ranging reference work provides comprehensive coverage of the law and practice of cross-border licensing in a number of major territories, including China, the EU, India, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and the USA. The book, written by expert authors with insight from practice and from their home jurisdictions, focuses on both copyright licensing and competition law and, specifically, the inter-relation between these legal fields.

The book is uniquely structured to provide both thematic coverage and detailed analysis of each territory’s applicable laws and regulations, highlighting and addressing the legal issues that are most critical in and relevant to licensing practice.

Cross-Border Copyright Licensing is an essential starting point for anyone considering or advising on the implementation or enforcement of a copyright licensing program, in either developed and emerging markets.
Extent: c 448 pp
Hardback Price: $230.00 Web: $207.00
Publication Date: June 2018
ISBN: 978 1 78471 850 3
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In today’s legal environment, copyright licensing requires an international perspective. Licensors in both emerging and developed markets must have a detailed understanding of cross-border practices. Cross-Border Copyright Licensing provides a select guide to copyright licensing practices in a number of jurisdictions, addressing key cross-border considerations.

Key features include:

• chapter by chapter analysis of licensing legislation in the most frequently encountered jurisdictions including: China, the EU, India, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the USA

• discussion of the inter-relation between copyright licensing and competition law

• clear delineation of the most relevant and critical legal issues relating to licensing practice across the named jurisdictions allowing for ease of reference

• contributions from expert practitioners with invaluable first hand knowledge of international licensing practices.

This book will prove a valuable resource for lawyers who are implementing or enforcing a copyright licensing scheme, acting as a first point of reference on cross-border issues. Scholars of Intellectual Property will also find the text to be a useful guide on international regulations and practices.

Contributors include: A. Apostolidis, H. Blignaut, K. Golish, P.G. Granados, E. Hochstadt, B. Kalra, B. Lindner, R. Lukyanov, T. Misra, L.C. Nian, D.S. Nocetti, J.B. Nordemann, T. Pattloch, S. Rab, A. Risely, W. Strong, K. Sysoeva, K. Tsuru
Contents: 1. China 2. European Union 3. India 4. Mexico 5. Russia 6. Singapore 7. South Africa 8. United States of America Index