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Developments in Organizational Politics

How Political Dynamics Affect Employee Performance in Modern Work Sites Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Professor of Public Administration and Management, University of Haifa, Israel
Developments in Organizational Politics presents a comprehensive analysis of organizational politics and its meaning and application for employees and managers in modern worksites.
Extent: 264 pp
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Publication Date: 2003
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  • Business and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisation Studies
Developments in Organizational Politics presents a comprehensive analysis of organizational politics and its meaning and application for employees and managers in modern worksites.

Eran Vigoda suggests an integrative model that tries to explain how politics, and especially perceptions of politics, emerges, transforms and affects employees’ performance and other work related outcomes in organizations. The analysis is based on empirical data collected over almost a decade of field studies. This data uses a variety of scientific methods to demonstrate how internal politics may be related to job attitudes, behavioral intentions as well as actual behaviors of employees. Special attention is given to non-profit organizations but analysis of businesses and private firms is also included.

The book will be essential reading for academics and researchers from the fields of organizational behavior, human resource management and is also useful for practitioners who struggle through the barriers of power, influence and politics in the workplace.
‘This book sheds light on the causes and consequences of political behavior conducted by civil servants in the public sector, as revealed by the author’s series of studies. The book is quite exceptional by virtue of its fascinating topic, the population under consideration, and the multiplicity of research projects. Eran Vigoda contributes to our body of knowledge an integrative, empirically based, and theoretically framed account of organizational power and politics.’
– Yitzhak Samuel, University of Haifa, Israel

‘A most impressive book offering a comprehensive conceptual framework as well as a broad and thorough coverage of the organization politics literature to date combined with a detailed presentation of the author’s own research work. Dr Vigoda insightfully clarifies the nature of organizational politics, its antecedents and outcomes, and presents a fresh and thorough discussion of the relations between organization politics and other organizational attitudes and behaviors. This is a highly recommended book for every student and scholar of organization behavior.’
– Amos Drory, Ben Gurion University, Israel

‘. . . The latest work from one of the emerging best and brightest. . .’
– Robert T. Golembiewski, The University of Georgia, US
Contents: Preface Introduction to the Study of Organizational Politics 1. Political Behavior in Organizations: Between Perceptions and Implementations 2. Organizational Politics, Job Attitudes, and Work Outcomes 3. Organizational Politics, In-role Performance, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior 4. Organizational Politics and Job Distress 5. Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Organizational Politics 6. Organizational Politics in Virtual Work Sites and in a Global World 7. Summary and Implications: Interdisciplinary Reflections and New Directions Appendix 1: Measures Used in the Studies Appendix 2: Measuring Organizational Politics by the Perceptions of Organizational Politics Scale (POPS) Appendix 3: Measuring Organizational Politics by Influence Tactics Bibliography Index