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Entrepreneurship and Organised Crime

Entrepreneurs in Illegal Business Petter Gottschalk, Professor, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway
Entrepreneurship and Organised Crime provides a fresh and realistic insight into the problem of organised crime activity and the role of entrepreneurs in illegal business.
Extent: 224 pp
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Publication Date: 2009
ISBN: 978 1 84844 316 7
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Entrepreneurship and Organised Crime provides a fresh and realistic insight into the problem of organised crime activity and the role of entrepreneurs in illegal business.

Petter Gottschalk takes a close look at how some entrepreneurs choose to develop criminal business enterprises. Stage models for criminal entrepreneurs are presented, and entrepreneurial leadership and management are discussed. This book illustrates how so many issues for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are similar in legal and illegal business. At the same time, all the cases in the book show how different many of the individual criminal entrepreneurs are. In sum, this book provides a pragmatic view of another kind of entrepreneurship not frequently discussed in a neutral way.

This book will be warmly welcomed by scholars and researchers looking for a different perspective of entrepreneurship or interested in criminology. This will also be a good reference tool for students at police academies.
‘This book is a well written, well articulated and engaging scholarly text on the subject of entrepreneurship within the contexts of policing and organised crime. . . it spans the artificial boundaries between legal and illegal entrepreneurship in an interesting and readable manner. Nor does it celebrate moral forms of entrepreneurship, nor romanticises organised crime. It therefore makes a contribution by focussing upon business processes, practices and procedures. The book has the potential to influence how policing organisations and agencies tasked with interdicting serious and organised crime develop their long term strategies.
– Robert Smith, Trends in Organised Crime

‘Entrepreneurship and Organised Crime provides a much needed and original overview of the boundary between “legal” and “illegal” entrepreneurship. It will appeal to a wide variety of readers interested in new perspectives on entrepreneurship. The text is clearly structured and systematically explores the basics of organised crime as an entrepreneurial business enterprise. Petter Gottschalk draws upon several theoretical strands including organisational, sociological, managerial, historical, and practical perspectives in providing an insight into organised crime activity.’
– Julia Davidson, Kingston University, UK

‘Entrepreneurship and Organised Crime tarnishes the conventional clean and wholesome depiction of entrepreneurs by bringing to life the lived and messy realities of entrepreneurs who operate illegal businesses. Moving beyond the standard textbook positive and celebratory portrayal of entrepreneurs, this volume addresses in a highly readable manner both the entrepreneurial aspects of criminal endeavour as well as the criminal aspects of entrepreneurial endeavour. It is an essential and compelling read for scholars of entrepreneurship and criminology.’
– Colin C. Williams, University of Sheffield, UK
Contents: Introduction 1. Entrepreneurship in Organised Crime 2. Stage Models for Criminal Entrepreneurs 3. Entrepreneurial Leadership and Management 4. Value Configurations in Criminal Entrepreneurship 5. Entrepreneurial Structure and Culture 6. Entrepreneurial Growth in Illegal Business 7. Strategic Planning for Criminal Entrepreneurship 8. Knowledge Management in Criminal Entrepreneurship Conclusion References Index