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Exchange and Development

An Anatomy of Economic Transactions Peter A. Cornelisse, Professor of Public Finance, Emeritus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Erik Thorbecke, Graduate School Professor, H.E. Babcock Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Cornell University, US
This innovative and important book develops a new framework for analysing exchange that takes place within and outside markets over the course of development.
Extent: 256 pp
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Publication Date: 2010
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This innovative and important book develops a new framework for analysing exchange that takes place within and outside markets over the course of development.

The authors argue that development and social and economic progress are greatly enhanced by a fluent and efficient exchange system. Conversely, the process of development encourages and facilitates trade. The authors introduce the concept of exchange configurations to capture the multiplicity of settings within which exchange occurs and the many different forms exchange and transactions can take. The book shows how exchange configurations can help to identify the factors that constrain the exchange process and lead to the formulation of effective reforms. It then uses a historical analysis of systems of exchange during different phases of development over the last two millennia to illustrate different exchange configurations.

Exchange and Development will appeal to students at both the graduate and undergraduate level in the fields of economic development, international trade, microeconomics, institutional economics and economic history. Researchers in universities and policy makers in governments and international agencies will also draw much benefit from the entirely novel approach formulated in this book.
‘Characterizing and understanding why and how economic actors exchange goods and services is undoubtedly one of the most important concerns of economics. Cornelisse and Thorbecke provide us with a framework to better understand the bewildering diversity of forms of exchange according to items transacted, actors involved, and environments where exchanges occur. This is done by developing the novel concept of exchange configurations. This relatively simple lens makes for a fascinating re-interpretation of the long and complex process of economic development.’
– Alain de Janvry, University of California at Berkeley, US

‘The authors of this volume are spot on when they note that “the perspective alters drastically when it is realized that economic exchange as it occurs in the real world is a laborious and costly process with uncertain and imperfect outcomes”. We all have a lot to learn from this highly original, thought provoking contribution to our understanding of the very core of economic and development thinking.’
– Finn Tarp, United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economics Research, Finland and University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Contents: Preface 1. Introduction and Overview 2. The Concept of Exchange Configuration 3. Terms and Concepts for an Analysis of Exchange 4. Elements of Exchange 5. A Typology of Exchange Configurations 6. Systems of Exchange in Different Phases of Development 7. The Dynamic Forces in Exchange Configurations 8. Some Concluding Messages Index