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Explorations in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Essays in Honor of Gardner M. Brown, Jr. Edited by Robert Halvorsen, Professor of Economics and David F. Layton, Professor of Public Affairs, University of Washington, Seattle, US
Gardner M. Brown, Jr. has been a leading innovator in the development of environmental and natural resource economics. This book comprises essays written in his honor by some of the most distinguished economists working in this field.
Extent: 288 pp
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Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 978 1 84542 184 7
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Gardner M. Brown, Jr. has been a leading innovator in the development of environmental and natural resource economics. This book comprises essays written in his honor by some of the most distinguished economists working in this field.

The principal themes addressed include fundamental theoretical and empirical issues in the valuation of environmental and natural resources; the relationships between economic growth, natural resources and environmental quality; re-evaluation of some standard results in the dynamic modeling of renewable and non-renewable resources; the protection and management of biological resources; and the economics of antibiotic resistance.

The original papers within this book will be of great interest to academics and practitioners in the field of environmental and natural resource economics.
‘The papers in this book are a great cross section of work going on in natural resource economics, the visible output of ongoing research programs being pursued by a talented group of economists. . . The book would be an excellent one for newcomers in the field to peruse; they will get an idea of the range of topics being addressed, and Gardner Brown’s pursuit of them with creativity, care, and rigor, which are the prime legacies that he offers to the profession.’
– Barry C. Field, American Journal of Agricultural Economics

‘This volume contains an excellent set of papers by top scholars in environmental and resource economics. These papers span the wide range of topics that characterized the extraordinarily broad and productive career of Gardner Brown. They bring current issues in modeling important environmental policy questions into sharp focus in a way that emphasizes Brown’s seminal insights.’
– Richard Carson, University of California, San Diego, US

‘I am glad this book has been written. Gardner is clearly too radical to get a statue and I doubt he would have the patience to sit long enough for the sculptor to finish. Yet Gardner’s ideas really deserve remembrance. The editors have managed not only to cover many of the areas and methods Gardner worked with but also to find authors who loved and/or respected him and who have honoured him by providing high quality work in his spirit. The book is imbued with those curious blends of curiosity and rigour, daring abstraction and yet painstaking attention to detail that are so characteristic of Gardner’s work. It was a great pleasure to read.’
– Thomas Sterner, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Contributors: R.T. Deacon, C.M. Fulcher, R. Halvorsen, M. Hanemann, R.N. Johnson, C.L. Kling, D.F. Layton, S.T. Lee, D. Lueck, J.A. Michael, C. Mohn, C.S. Norman, R.B. Palmquist, G.M. Parkhurst, M.L. Plummer, R. Rowthorn, J.N. Sanchirico, J.F. Shogren, M.L. Weitzman, J.E. Wilen, J. Zhao



1. Bioeconomics of Metapopulations: Sinks, Sources and Optimal Closures
James E. Wilen and James N. Sanchirico

2. The Optimal Treatment of Disease under a Budget Constraint
Robert Rowthorn

3. Coordinating Conservation on Private Lands
Gregory M. Parkhurst and Jason F. Shogren

4. Forest Management under the Endangered Species Act
Dean Lueck and Jeffrey A. Michael

5. Is the Environmental Kuznets Curve an Empirical Regularity?
Robert T. Deacon and Catherine S. Norman

6. Economic Growth and Natural Resources: Does the Curse of Natural Resources Extend to the 50 US States?
Ronald N. Johnson

7. Fishes and Trees, or Continuous vs. Discrete Harvesting
Martin L. Weitzman

8. The Grand Unified Theory of Natural Resource Economics: A Special Case
Mark L. Plummer

9. Environmental Valuation under Dynamic Consumer Behavior
Jinhua Zhao and Catherine L. Kling

10. Caught in a Corner: Using the Kuhn–Tucker Conditions to Value Montana Sportfishing
Craig Mohn and Michael Hanemann

11. The Economic Valuation of Shoreline: 30 Years Later
Raymond B. Palmquist and Charles M. Fulcher

12. From Ratings to Rankings: The Econometric Analysis of Stated Preference Ratings Data
David F. Layton and S. Todd Lee

Appendix: Publications of Gardner M. Brown, Jr