A Guide to EU Renewable Energy Policy


A Guide to EU Renewable Energy Policy

Comparing Europeanization and Domestic Policy Change in EU Member States

9781783471553 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Israel Solorio, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Helge Jörgens, ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78347 155 3 Extent: 360 pp
This book is a guide for understanding the EU renewable energy policy as one of the most ambitious attempts world-wide to facilitate a transition towards more sustainable energy systems. It contains key case studies for understanding how member states have shaped the EU renewable energy policy, how the EU has affected the policies of its member states and how renewable energy policies have diffused horizontally. An analysis of the external dimension of the EU renewable energy policy is also included.

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The European Union’s renewable energy policy is one of the most ambitious attempts to facilitate a transition towards more sustainable energy systems. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the policy and its implementation. It contains key case studies for understanding how member states have shaped the policy, how the EU has affected the policies of its member states and how renewable energy policies have diffused horizontally. An analysis of its external dimension is also included.

This remarkable guide is the first comprehensive attempt to shed light on the complex dynamics of renewable energy promotion in the European multilevel system. Theoretically driven, the study employs Europeanization as an analytical framework for assessing policy change, both at the EU level and in the member states, and compares the development of renewable energy policies in the electricity and transport sectors from the 1980s to the present.

Comprising contributions from leading scholars, the book is an indispensible guide for academics, researchers and students interested in EU energy and climate policies in general and EU renewable energy policy specifically, as well as practitioners and stakeholders involved in renewable energy policy and climate protection.
Critical Acclaim
‘Renewable energy policy is a well-established, high-ranking policy in Europe but its perspectives, strengths and weaknesses need competent analysis. This book is a highly valuable “standard” publication not only for energy and climate policy experts but also for political and social scientists.’
– Martin Jänicke, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

‘The word “guide” in the title of this book is an understatement. With its focus on renewable energy policies in a wide range of EU member states, this book fills an important gap in the literature. The rigorous structure of the chapters, all of them written by key experts in the field, and the incisive analysis of national policies and processes of Europeanization in the concluding chapter make it a major achievement of comparative research. A must-read for everyone interested in energy and climate change politics!’
– Duncan Liefferink, Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Contributors: A. Ancygier, M. Bechberger, P. Bocquillon, S. Davidescu, L. Di Lucia, M.R. Di Nucci, H. Dyrhauge, G. Escribano, A. Evrard, J. Fairbrass, R. Fernandez, R. Hinrichs-Rahlwes, B. Hirschl, R. Hiteva, T. Hoppe, K. Jankowska, H. Jörgens, T. Maltby, D. Ohlhorst, E. Öller, D. Russolillo, I. Solorio, E. van Bueren, T. Vogelpohl


by Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes

by Helge Jörgens, Israel Solorio and Mischa Bechberger

Part I Introduction
1. The EU and the promotion of renewable energy- An analytical framework
Helge Jörgens and Israel Solorio

2. EU renewable energy policy: A brief overview of its history and evolution
Israel Solorio and Pierre Bocquillon

Part II National case studies
3. German renewable energy policy– independent pioneering versus creeping Europeanization?
Thomas Vogelpohl, Dörte Ohlhorst, Mischa Bechberger and Bernd Hirschl

4. From frontrunner to laggard: the Netherlands and Europeanization in the cases of RES-E and biofuel stimulation
Thomas Hoppe and Ellen van Bueren

5. Denmark: a wind powered forerunner
Helene Dyrhauge

6. The UK and EU renewable energy policy: the relentless British policy-shaper
Israel Solorio and Jenny Fairbrass

7. The fuzzy Europeanization of the Italian renewable energy policy: the paradox of meeting targets without strategic capacity
Maria Rosaria Di Nucci and Daniele Russolillo

8. Spain and renewable energy promotion: Europeanization upside down
Israel Solorio and Rosa Fernandez

9. Complying with, resisting or using Europe? Explaining the uneven and diffuse Europeanization of French renewable electricity and biofuels policies
Pierre Bocquillon and Aurélien Evrard

10. Poland at the renewable energy policy crossroads –an incongruent Europeanization?
Karolina Jankowska and Andrzej Ancygier

11. The Europeanization of renewable energy policy in Romania
Simona Davidescu

12. Hitting the target but missing the point: failing and succeeding in the Bulgarian renewable energy sector
Ralitsa Hiteva and Tomas Maltby

Part III External dimension
13. RES in the Hood and the shrinking Mediterranean Solar Plan
Gonzalo Escribano

14. External governance and Europeanization beyond borders – EU biofuel policies in Mozambique
Lorenzo Di Lucia

Part IV Conclusions
15. Conclusions: Patterns of Europeanization and policy change in the renewable energy policy domain
Helge Jörgens, Eva Öller and Israel Solorio


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