A Modern Guide to Citizen’s Basic Income


A Modern Guide to Citizen’s Basic Income

A Multidisciplinary Approach

9781800376021 Edward Elgar Publishing
Malcolm Torry, Visiting Fellow, Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath, previously Senior Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics, Treasurer, Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), former Director, Citizen''s Basic Income Trust. He is a Priest in the Church of England and currently Priest in Charge of St Mary Abchurch, City of London, UK
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80037 602 1 Extent: 352 pp
Debate on the desirability, feasibility and implementation of a Citizen’s Basic Income – an unconditional, nonwithdrawable and regular income for every individual – is increasingly widespread among academics, policymakers, and the general public. There are now numerous introductory books on the subject, and others on particular aspects of it. This book provides something new: It studies the Citizen’s Basic Income proposal from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives: the economics of Citizen’s Basic Income, the sociology of Citizen’s Basic Income, the politics of Citizen’s Basic Income, and so on. Each chapter discusses the academic discipline, and relevant aspects of the debate, and asks how the discipline enhances our understanding, and how the Citizen’s Basic Income debate might contribute to the academic discipline.

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Malcolm Torry explores Citizen’s Basic Income – an unconditional income for every individual – moving the reader from a basic understanding of the concept to an in-depth recognition of its wide-ranging implications. Torry examines debates around the desirability, feasibility and implementation of a Citizen’s Basic Income, and how this idea is becoming increasingly widespread.

This Modern Guide presents a comprehensive treatment of Citizen’s Basic Income, first offering insight into the language surrounding it, and moving through a number of key disciplinary perspectives, including sociology, politics, economics and law. Each chapter discusses an academic discipline, looking at relevant aspects of the debate to understand how the discipline enhances knowledge of Citizen’s Basic Income, and how discussion around the topic can contribute to the academic discipline.

Containing detailed case studies in each chapter, this book will be helpful to a wide variety of scholars and students wanting a broader knowledge of Citizen’s Basic Income. It will also be useful to policymakers who wish to engage in the debate on the potential benefits and drawbacks of a Citizen’s Basic Income.
Critical Acclaim
‘Malcolm Torry’s A Modern Guide to Citizen’s Basic Income is a welcome addition for any student of this concept. Torry maintains an objective balance in analysing the merits of the concept and he addresses many of the critiques levelled against it throughout the book. One of the truly refreshing aspects of this book is the heterodox treatment applied in attempting to understand and critique the idea of CBI.’
– Arya Pillai, International Review of Public Policy

‘Malcolm Torry is one of the most prolific, well-rounded, and knowledgeable researchers in the field of Basic Income. No one is better placed to write a multidisciplinary guide to the topic.’
– Karl Widerquist, Georgetown University, Qatar

‘Amid the recent explosion of scholarship on basic income Malcolm Torry has found a novel approach to exploring its theory and practice: an exploration of basic income through different disciplinary perspectives.’
– Almaz Zelleke, New York University Shanghai, China

‘As the idea of a Citizen''s Basic Income continues to gain in prominence, Malcolm Torry''s latest book brings a variety of lenses to bear upon the surrounding debate. He provides a valuable multi-disciplinary resource that will be of interest to a wide range of observers and commentators within that debate.’
– Hartley Dean, London School of Economics, UK

‘Malcolm Torry has been at the forefront of the British campaign for a universal basic income for more than 30 years. This new book explores how twelve academic disciplines – from ethics and psychology to history and law – shed light on the idea. For students and researchers looking to engage with the growing debate on UBI, Torry''s book provides a very good place to start.’
– Peter Sloman, University of Cambridge, UK
Contents: Preface 1. Introduction to a multidisciplinary study of Citizen’s Basic Income 2. The language of Citizen’s Basic Income 3. Histories of Citizen’s Basic Income 4. The ethics of Citizen’s Basic Income 5. The economics of Citizen’s Basic Income 6. The psychology of Citizen’s Basic Income 7. The social psychology of Citizen’s Basic Income 8. The sociology of Citizen’s Basic Income 9. Citizen’s Basic Income as social policy 10. The social administration of Citizen’s Basic Income 11. The politics of Citizen’s Basic Income 12. The political economy of Citizen’s Basic Income 13. The law of Citizen’s Basic Income 14. Conclusion Bibliography Index

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