A Research Agenda for Food Systems


A Research Agenda for Food Systems

9781800880252 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Colin L. Sage, Independent Research Scholar
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80088 025 2 Extent: 292 pp
Illuminating the global food system as a highly dynamic set of interconnecting interests that continues to drive rapid technological, societal, and cultural change, this cutting-edge Research Agenda examines the pressing issues that confront current food systems, and the emerging responses to them.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

Illuminating the global food system as a highly dynamic set of interconnecting interests and sub-systems that drives rapid technological, societal, and cultural change, this cutting-edge Research Agenda examines the pressing issues that confront food systems, and the emerging responses to them.

Chapters from internationally renowned specialists address the pressing issues facing food systems, including the growing concentration and power of large agri-food corporations, the contribution of food production to climate breakdown, the exploitation of agricultural labour, food poverty, and the reconfiguration of animal bodies. Reviewing possible ‘solutions’, chapters then examine the potential for a digital agricultural revolution, the contribution of alternative proteins in dietary change, and the emergence of regionalized and regenerative food systems. The book concludes with a look towards hybrid foodscapes, exploring how design can help us to re-imagine our stake in food systems of the future.

Interdisciplinary, holistic, and accessible in its approach, this innovative book will prove vital to students and scholars engaged in the study of food – from production to consumption – as well as those concerned with policymaking in the fields of public health and nutrition, food governance, sustainability, and environmental advocacy.
Critical Acclaim
‘In a lucid and timely call for new research, Colin Sage has curated chapters from leading food scholars on major issues affecting the global food system, and offers hope that both pragmatic and visionary solutions are emerging, which will benefit from a targeted research agenda. Sage’s book is vital, compelling reading for students, scientists, and the wider world of people concerned about our future food system.’
– Molly D. Anderson, International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems and Middlebury College, US

‘A clarion call to anyone desiring more sustainable and just food systems, emphasizing such outcomes cannot be had without insights from the social sciences. The chapters interrogate barriers and opportunities for change; analyses that are as comprehensive as they are enjoyable to read.’
– Michael Carolan, Colorado State University, US

‘This is a fine and wonderful book. We know that food systems worldwide have been transformed in recent decades. They have made food a raging success, more people fed than ever. They also cause vast ill-health and planetary harm, and leave hundreds of millions of people still hungry. This is a book about the urgent need for redesign and collective action. It brings vital clarity to the right questions, and shows how improvements in social justice can occur.’
– Jules Pretty, University of Essex, UK

Contributors: Mondira Bhattacharya, Steffen Böhm, Martin Caraher, Jennifer Clapp, Laura Colombo, Auvikki de Boon, Carlos de Castro, Ram Kiran Dhulipala, Kata Fodor, Michael Goodman, Jess Halliday, Lewis Holloway, Sophie Jackson, Matt Lobley, Stefano Pascucci, Catherine Price, Alicia Reigada, David Christian Rose, Colin L. Sage, Rebecca Sandover, Juliette Schillings, Alexandra Sexton

Foreword: The urgency of food systems research xiii
Tim Lang
Acknowledgements xix

1 Introduction: A Research Agenda for Food Systems 3
Colin L. Sage

2 The rise of big food and agriculture: corporate
influence in the food system 45
Jennifer Clapp
3 The food system, planetary boundaries and
eating for 1.5°C: the case for mutualism and
commensality within a safe and just operating
space for humankind 67
Colin L. Sage
4 Agricultural labour in the global food system 89
Alicia Reigada and Carlos de Castro
5 Food systems and food poverty 111
Martin Caraher
6 Reconfiguring animals in food systems: an agenda
for research 129
Lewis Holloway

7 The fourth agricultural revolution: technological
developments in primary food production 151
David Christian Rose, Mondira Bhattacharya,
Auvikki de Boon, Ram Kiran Dhulipala, Catherine
Price and Juliette Schillings
8 Of fake meat and an anxious Anthropocene:
towards a cultural political economy of alternative
proteins and their implications for future food systems 175
Alexandra E. Sexton and Michael K. Goodman
9 Urban food systems: the case for municipal action 199
Jess Halliday
10 Circular food systems: a blueprint for
regenerative innovations in a regional UK context 221
Steffen Böhm, Rebecca Sandover, Stefano Pascucci,
Laura Colombo, Sophie Jackson and Matt Lobley
11 Design at the end of the food system: hybrid
foodscapes in the realm of consumption 243
Kata Fodor

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