A Research Agenda for Migration and Health


A Research Agenda for Migration and Health

9781786438355 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by K. Bruce Newbold, School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University and Kathi Wilson, Department of Geography, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Canada
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 835 5 Extent: 176 pp
Evidenced by Europe’s refugee crisis and the movement of undocumented workers into the US, international migration has emerged as one of the most pressing issues faced by national and regional governments. The health impacts of migration can be significant and multifaceted, with access to health care often denied or limited, with immigrants experiencing declining health. The health of more vulnerable groups, including women and the disabled, is further compromised. A Research Agenda for Migration and Health provides insight into key research directions and scholarship, with topics including food security, disability, cultural safety, and health care access.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

International migration has emerged as one of the most pressing issues faced by national and regional governments in our modern world. This Research Agenda provides much-needed discussion on the health of migrants, and fundamental research directions for the future. The editors draw together key contributions that address people with a range of immigration statuses, including refugees.

Written by leading experts in the field, chapters explore the evolving nature of health, from how this is experienced by migrants in their countries of origin, to the impact of the immigrant journey and experiences in their country of residence. Topical and timely, the Research Agenda offers key insights into previously underdeveloped areas of study, including an analysis of female migrants, a discussion of immigration relative to the Global South, and the relationship between climate change, migration and health.

An important read for human geography scholars, this will be particularly useful for those looking into population and health geography and demography. It will also be beneficial to sociology and anthropology scholars interested in immigration and health.

Critical Acclaim
‘The various essays provide some innovative exploration of the migration-health nexus. As such, the book promises to be inspirational for scholars of geography, public health and related fields. Graduate students who seek to get oriented in this truly complex field and to identify salient research questions will undoubtedly benefit from perusing the essays of this volume.’
– Brigitte Waldorf, Regional Science Policy and Practice

‘A timely contribution to the field of migration and health, and a valuable resource for researchers seeking to explore newer questions. The nine chapters in this book offer diverse perspectives on themes such as inequity and discrimination in access to healthcare, gender, cultural safety, food security, disability and climate change as experienced by immigrants from countries in the Global South. The authors challenge and demystify pre-existing frameworks on migrant health, seek to broaden the theoretical and
methodological scope of the field and provide a research agenda for future work.’
– Divya Ravindranath, Progress in Development Studies

‘It is a valuable resource for those seeking to refine their research questions and as a means to draw parallels across work on migration and health. While focused on international migration, the questions and approaches outlined are relevant to research on internal migration, and there is significant space to better articulate the connections between internal migration, international migration, and health.’
– Frances Darlington-Pollock, Geographical Research

‘Bruce Newbold and Kathi Wilson are both health geographers with a strong legacy; this edited volume on which they have partnered is no exception. As they state in their opening chapter, the health of an immigrant is shaped by the immigration journey and the factors precipitating it (forced versus voluntary; economic, social, cultural, environmental push and pull factors…). What Newbold and Wilson have done with this edited volume is bring the immigrant health literature into the 21st Century by bringing heretofore invisible issues to the forefront: gender; climate change; inequalities in the global south. Their section on future research directions takes us even further through suggestions for alternative theoretical and epistemological approaches to the growing issues of immigration and immigrant health.’
– Susan J Elliot, University of Waterloo, Canada

‘Tapping into the expertise from scholars in geography, international affairs, nursing, psychiatry, public health, social service and social work, A Research Agenda for Migration and Health fills a gap in migration studies by foregrounding climate change, gender/race and health, health status, health care, nutrition and their impacts.’
– Wei Li, Arizona State University, US
Contributors: A.T. Banerjee, V. Chouinard, X. Deng, S. Gal, S. Gravel, J. Hanley, J. Hennebry, L. Hunter, A. Kobayashi, J.-H. Koo, L. Malhaire, K.B. Newbold, J.-A. Osei-Twum, S. Park, D.H. Simon, K. Stelfox, M. Walton-Roberts, L. Wang, K. Wilson


1. Introduction: Migration and Health
K. Bruce Newbold and Kathi Wilson

2. Disability, Migration and Health in the Global South: An Agenda for Research and Action
Vera Chouinard

3. Healthcare Access among Immigrants and Transnational Migrants
Lu Wang

4. Climate Change, Migration and Health
Lori M. Hunter and Daniel H. Simon

5. Migrant Worker Strategies in Access to Health: Recognizing agency in a context of constraints
Jill Hanley, Sol Park, Sylvie Gravel, Jah-Hon Koo, Loic Malhaire and Sigalit Gal

6. Rebalancing Act: Promoting an international research agenda on women migrant careworkers’ health and rights
Jenna Hennebry and Margaret Walton-Roberts

7. Securing Culturally Appropriate Food for Refugee Women in Canada: Opportunities for Research
Katherine B. Stelfox and K. Bruce Newbold

8. An Agenda for Newcomer Health Care? Research in Canada
Audrey Kobayashi and Xiaojun Deng

9. Exploring the Applicability of Indigenous Cultural Safety to Immigrant Health Research
Jo-Ann Osei-Twum, Erika Pulfer and Ananya T. Banerjee


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