A Research Agenda for Political Marketing


A Research Agenda for Political Marketing

9781800377196 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bruce I. Newman, PhD, Professor, Department of Marketing, DePaul University and Todd P. Newman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Life Sciences Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 719 6 Extent: 208 pp
This Research Agenda documents and establishes the thinking of leading scholars in the field of political marketing and related sub-fields, also encompassing additional social science disciplines that intersect at the crossroads of political marketing.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.

This Research Agenda documents and establishes the thinking of leading scholars in the field of political marketing and related sub-fields, also encompassing additional social science disciplines that intersect at the crossroads of political marketing.

Chapters address the complexity of how politicians and political parties leverage trust, credibility, and expertise across their policy positions, and how citizens formulate their attitudes and opinions. Contributors focus on the new challenges and opportunities for political parties and politicians around the globe when communicating about complex issues, such as science and technology.

This Research Agenda will be an essential resource for political marketing researchers and practitioners looking to explore how marketing tactics may be used to shape, guide, and manage public opinion and policy discourse.
Critical Acclaim
‘Expertly curated by Bruce and Todd Newman, this collection of articles by leading international scholars elegantly encapsulates the principles and practices of political marketing in the early twenty-first century. Particularly noteworthy is the topical focus on digital populism, political branding, and the role of scandal in electoral campaigns.’
– Richard Tempest, University of Illinois, US

‘Understanding contemporary politics is to understand marketing. Bruce and Todd Newman have edited a volume that can instruct modern princes on the virtue needed to gain and hold power. But democracy can prevail only if research in this arcana imperii is used also to educate and empower citizens as voters.’
– Dejan Verčič, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

‘This fascinating book, with contributions from leading political marketing scholars worldwide, comes at a sadly propitiously time, as democracy is imploding amid the growth of ideologically extreme groups untethered to truth, ferociously marketing their political ideas. Co-editors Bruce Newman and Todd Newman, and their assemblage of assiduous scholars, have produced a book that addresses the multitude of issues facing contemporary political marketing, offering luminous insights on issues spanning digital populism, political disaffection, issues management, branding, ethical chasms, and the bête noire of political campaigning: propaganda. Students and researchers will come away with new perspectives from this stimulating book.’
– Richard M. Perloff,  Cleveland State University, US and author of The Dynamics of Political Communication (3rd. edition)
Contributors: Jody C Baumgartner, Daniel E. Bergan, Rosa Berganza, Michael Cornfield, Wojciech Cwalina, Roberto de Miguel, Andrzej Falkowski, Nicole M. Lee, Bruce I. Newman, Todd P. Newman, Christopher Pich, Greg Simons, Matthew S. VanDyke, Christine B. Williams, Dominic Wring

1 A triangle of influence: researching political power
and social media in the wake of the 2020–21 U.S.
succession crisis 1
Michael Cornfield
2 Political marketing from an ideological marketing
perspective 21
Wojcieh Cwalina and Andrzej Falkowski
3 Stratified electioneering: the political marketing century 37
Dominic Wring
4 Issues management in science and technology:
contestable matters of fact, value and policy, and
areas for future research 53
Matt VanDyke and Nicole Lee
5 The management of political campaigns 69
Jody Baumgartner
6 The role of social media in political campaigns:
a review and research agenda 85
Christine Williams
7 Political branding: a research agenda for political
marketing 107
Christopher Pich
8 The continued relevance of mass media in
campaigns: a critical review and research agenda 129
Daniel E. Bergan
9 Challenging political communication and
marketing research: the measurement of implicit
attitudes in the age of scandals 143
Roberto de Miguel Pascual and Rosa Berganza
10 The dark arts of political marketing: use of
propaganda in political campaigns 159
Greg Simons

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