Elgar Impact of Entrepreneurship Research series

Series editors: Maija Renko, Coleman Chair of Entrepreneurship, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, DePaul University, Norris F. Krueger, University of Phoenix, US and Friederike Welter, IfM Bonn and University of Siegen, Germany

More so than many other disciplines, entrepreneurship is expected to have immediate relevance for practitioners, policy makers, and students. At the same time, the increasingly uniform incentive systems at business schools around the world reward those scholars who publish their research in lofty academic “A” journals. Entrepreneurship scholars at various career stages struggle with different facets of the same question: How do I make my scholarship relevant and impactful, and to whom? And what does relevance mean?

This series comprises books that engage readers in a critical discussion on the relevance, measurement and impact of entrepreneurship scholarship and leave them with actionable suggestions to increase the relevance of their research.

Books in this series

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