Advances in New Institutional Analysis series

Series editor: Claude Ménard, Professor (Emeritus) of Economics, University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

Understanding the nature and role of institutions in the dynamics and failures of modern economies is an increasing concern among scholars and policy makers. Substantial progress has been made in economics as well as in other social sciences, particularly political science, history, sociology and the managerial sciences. New institutional scholars have been, and remain, at the forefront of this movement. Alternative views have also been proposed that deserve consideration. This series intends to promote the development and diffusion of these analyses with books from leading contributors as well as younger up-and-coming scholars.

The series will include topics such as:

* Institutions and growth
* Transaction cost economics
* The role of formal rules and legal institutions
* Regulation and deregulation
* Political institutions and the state
* Institutions and modes of governance
* Contracting issues
* Customs, beliefs and institutional changes.

The series will be essential reading for researchers in economics, the social and managerial sciences, as well as policymakers.

Books in this series

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