Heterodox Undergraduate Introductions series

Series Editors: Esteban Pérez Caldentey, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL), Chile and Editor, Review of Keynesian Economics, Louis-Philippe Rochon, Full Professor of Economics, Laurentian University, Canada and Founding Editor Emeritus, Review of Keynesian Economics and Matías Vernengo, Full Professor, Bucknell University, US and Editor, Review of Keynesian Economics

This series provides textbook introductions to twenty key economic topics from a heterodox perspective. Heterodox economics place the emphasis on reality-based theorizing, the conception of the individual as a social and institutional animal, the autonomy of institutions, the perception that individuals are under major restraints when it comes to obtaining and processing information, the centrality of production (rather than trade) and of the economic structure; and the importance of the State (government) in regulating the functioning of markets. The series fills an important vacuum by explicitly targeting undergraduate level students as it provides clear, concise, and simple theoretical and empirical explanations of the topics addressed and the corresponding relevant issues. This series will expose students, from their very beginning course of study, to an open view of economics, that differs radically from the teaching of mainstream economics.
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