Studies in EU Reform and Enlargement series

Series editors: Thomas Christiansen, Maastricht University and European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht, The Netherlands, Anne Faber, formerly of University of Cologne, Germany, Gunilla Herolf, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Sweden and Wolfgang Wessels, Universitaet zu Koeln, Germany

This exciting new series provides original contributions to one of the key debates about the European Union: the relationship between the twin processes of 'widening' (EU enlargement) and 'deepening' (EU reform). Arising largely from a European-wide research network (EU-CONSENT), the books published in this series will deal with the important issues emerging from these twin challenges facing the European Union at a crucial period in its history. Individual books will focus either on the broader questions of European governance that are raised by the widening/deepening debate, or will look in more detail at specific institutional or sectoral areas. Containing cutting-edge research with a multi-disciplinary approach, the books in this series will be of great interest to scholars of European Studies, politics, economics, law and contemporary history.

Books in this series

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