Studies on the Social Dimensions of Industrial Ecology series

Series editor: Frank Boons, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester, UK

The Studies on the Social Dimensions of Industrial Ecology series aims to publish contributions to the field of industrial ecology which shed light on the way in which material and energy flows are shaped by, and shape, production and consumption practices in industrialized societies. Material and energy flows emerge from and affect the actions of consumers, firms, governments and NGOs in various social systems (regional industrial clusters, supply and product chains, and cities). This series aims to promote innovative research in which disciplinary boundaries are transcended, and thus theoretical, empirical, and normative work from social scientists, engineers, and natural scientists is welcomed. The series endeavours to provide insight into empirical and theoretical developments in various regions of the world, and strives to keep abreast of emerging topics such as social LCA, governance of sustainable urban systems and industrial ecosystems, social practice theory and sustainable consumption, and the political economy of Industrial Ecology (trade networks and material flows).

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