The International Library of Writings on the New Global Economy series

Series editor: Helen V. Milner, Princeton University, US

‘. . . a series of invaluable, extensive, high quality volumes which reproduce classic and landmark essays that constitute the core of discourse in various fields. If. . . we each might advocate for the inclusion of a favorite essay for which space was not found, or suggest that one included might have been excluded without loss, such quibbles do nothing to diminish our thanks to Elgar, its perspicacious commissioning editors and its consultants for significantly enriching our discipline by compiling the bodies of work that deepen our awareness of the conversations that are the record of our collective enterprise.’
– William K. Tabb, Queens College, CUNY, US

The challenges and problems of the new global economy are at the top of the political agenda in both developed and developing countries. Under the general editorship of Helen Milner this major series brings together, by theme, key articles and papers offering critical thinking on the role and impact of the new global economy on areas such as the environment, foreign aid, international money relations, international conflict and international institutions. The series illustrates the important developments made in international political economy and globalization.

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