Elgar Commentaries series

Elgar Commentaries provide essential article-by-article commentary on key regulations, treaties, directives and conventions. Volumes in the series principally take significant International or European instruments as their bases and provide analytical commentary on interpretation, implementation and case law surrounding each article of the respective instrument. Volumes also include valuable contextual information such as: insights into the drafting history of the instrument and analysis of the wider legislative landscape. Occasionally volumes take a thematic approach to important legal topics and encompass multiple associated regulations or directives. Covering a wide range of topics, volumes in the series are consistent in their methodological approach and follow a clearly structured, easy to reference format, making them comprehensive ‘go-to’ resources. Authored, or edited, by leading legal scholars and practitioners the volumes act as insightful points of reference for academic researchers, practising lawyers and policy makers alike.

Books in this series

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