Elgar European Law series

Founding editor: The late John Usher, formerly of the University of Exeter, UK

European integration is the driving force behind constant evolution and change in the laws of the member states and the institutions of the European Union. This important series offers short, state-of-the-art overviews of many specific areas of EU law, from competition law to consumer law and from environmental law to labour law. While most books take a thematic, vertical approach, others offer a more horizontal approach and consider the overarching themes of EU law.

Distilled from rigorous substantive analysis, and written by some of the best names in the field, as well as the new generation of scholars, these books are designed both to guide the reader through the changing legislation itself, and to provide a firm theoretical foundation for advanced study. They provide an invaluable source of reference for scholars and postgraduate students in the fields of EU law and European integration, as well as lawyers from the respective individual fields and policymakers within the EU.

Books in this series

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