Elgar International Law and Technology series

Series editors: Nicholas Tsagourias, Professor of International Law and Russell Buchan, Senior Lecturer in International Law, University of Sheffield, UK Editorial Board: Duncan Hollis, Temple University, US Ashley Deeks, University of Virginia US Marco Roscini, University of Westminster, UK Zhixiong Huang, Wuhan University, China Theodore Christakis, University of Grenoble, France Karine Bannelier, University of Grenoble, France Uti Korhonen, Turku University, Finland Rain Liivoja, University of Queensland, Australia

The aim of the series is to act as a platform to examine the implications of technology such as IT, cyber technology, autonomy, robotics, nano-technology, space technology, geo-engineering, sea-bed technology, and Artificial Intelligence on the practice and theory of international law and to address the challenges that arise. The development of technology and its use across different areas of human and state activity has raised questions about the scope, content, and reach of international law and of existing regulatory regimes as well as proposals for their reinterpretation and readjustment or for the development of new rules and regulatory regimes. This book series will capture the challenges and opportunities that arise from the intersection of technology with different areas of international law such as legal theory, human rights, humanitarian law, international criminal law, security, trade law, environmental law, international responsibility, dispute settlement and many more. It will also capture the challenges that arise when international law intersects with other legal regimes such as national law or regional law such as EU law in regulating technology. The aim of the series is to produce innovative, scholarly, and cross-disciplinary publications to inform scholars and practitioners and to promote knowledge.

Books in this series

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