Intellectual Property and the Environment series

Series editor: Matthew Rimmer, The Australian National University College of Law, Australia

Intellectual property has an ambivalent relationship with environmental protection and sustainable development. Yet, patent law has an important role to play, both in encouraging research and development into clean technologies, and facilitating the transfer and diffusion of such technologies.

This series, comprising both individual monographs and collaborative works, explores the interconnections and intersections between intellectual property, environmental law and climate change. The constituent volumes will cover recent international developments - such as debates over the reformation of the TRIPS Agreement 1994; the implementation of treaties on genetic resources and plant genetic resources; and the Copenhagen Accord 2009. The series will consider how key jurisdictions - such as the United States, the European Union, and members of the BRICS group - have responded to the challenges posed by food security, environmental risk, and climate change. It will also provide local studies of innovative and creative practices in aligning intellectual property law and environmental law.

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