New Directions in Patent Law series

Series editors: Gustavo Ghidini, University of Milan and LUISS Guido Carli University, Emanuela Arezzo, LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy, Rochelle Dreyfuss, New York University School of Law and Jerome H. Reichman, Duke University, US

Patent law is a unitary system regulating different technological sectors, each with its own peculiarities and features. As science moves forward, new products and processes are created, hence new challenges arise for patent law to deal with. New Directions in Patent Law aims at promoting a constant monitoring and in-depth analysis of the emerging issues patent law is called to face. It also intends to spur the international academic debate by means of scholarly contributions offering a comparative view of how different patent systems approach and try to solve new questions posed by technological advancement. The books in this series will move beyond a mere legal approach, to engage in economic-based analysis of patent law as well as sociological and jurispolitical assessment of the impact that normative and jurisprudential evolutions might have on the development of science and technology.

Books in this series

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