Principles of Intellectual Property Law series

Intellectual property has become a pervasive force in today’s creative and commercial environments. The rapid emergence of new technologies in the contemporary marketplace has necessitated the development of an increasingly wide and complex network of laws within the field of intellectual property. With the aim of articulating the core principles, objectives and theories that underpin this complex field, The Principles of Intellectual Property series will serve as a touchstone, providing authoritative and structured guides across the subject area.

Entries focus on both the key cornerstones of intellectual property law such as trademark law, patent law and copyright law, as well as related fields such as design protection, unfair competition and passing-off. Written by both eminent and emerging experts in the field, these analytical and nuanced overviews will offer an accessible platform for both scholars and postgraduate students, as well as for lawyers and policy makers seeking a firm grounding in their respective fields.
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