Principles of International Environmental Law series

Series Editors: Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Professor of Public International Law, Queen Mary, University of London, Agnes Viktoria Rydberg, Department of Law, Queen Mary, University of London and Richard Caddell, Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, UK

Since the UNCED in 1992, international environmental law has evolved at an astonishing rate, as many of the key ambitions of the Rio Conference have metamorphosed from aspirational global objectives to become binding and highly influential obligations upon states. Thirty years on from this ground-breaking forum, this important series takes stock of the progress made towards the crystalisation of the core principles of international environmental law, examining their reception by international courts and tribunals and their steady entrenchment within global, regional and sectoral instruments and institutions.

The Principles of International Environmental Law series complements the extensive range of series and titles by Edward Elgar Publishing, featuring contributions from an exciting blend of established and emerging scholars. Comprising a number of volumes on individual principles and strategies, the series examines the normative and practical application of these key issues, outlining the past, present and prospective future development of these fundamental elements of modern international environmental law.

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