Elgar Land and Housing Law and Policy series

Series editor: Christoph Schmid, Centre of European Law and Politics, Bremen University, Germany

Land and housing law and policy are currently undergoing upheavals which will certainly shake and reshuffle their fundamentals. Overpopulation, mass migration, climate change and other environmental disasters, the increasing scarcity of agricultural and urban land, as well as the social, economic and political problems resulting thereof, put under pressure land tenure and overshadow more technical but nevertheless persisting problems such as incompatibilities of conveyancing, registration and tenancy systems. Housing systems are additionally challenged by excessive shortages in urban areas, lack of public budgets, privatisation and restitution problems as well as, in many States, counterproductive tax, subsidy and tenancy regulation.

Against this background, the new Elgar Land and Housing Law and Policy series sets out to analyse legal regulation in its political, economic, social and environmental context. Its focus is, thus, on the governance dimension of modern law and regulation. This basic orientation is in line with the TENLAW project, funded by the European Commission from 2011-2015, whose key participants serve as editors in the present series:

Elena Bargelli (University of Pisa),
Magda Habdas (University of Silesia),
Marietta Haffner (Delft University of Tenhnology),
József Hegedüs (Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest),
Pádraic Kenna (University of Galway),
Irene Kull (University of Tartu and Estonian Supreme Court, Tartu),
Špelca Mežnar (International School for Social and Business Studies, Celje, and Slovenian Constitutional Court, Ljubljana),
Per Norberg (University of Lund),
Sergio Nasarre Aznar (UNESCO Housing Chair, University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona),
Hendrik Ploeger (Delft University of Technology),
Peter Sparkes (University of Southampton), and
Christoph U. Schmid (Centre of European Law and Politics, Bremen University), managing editor.

Further scientists will constitute an editorial advisory body:

Arnt von Bodelschwingh, RegioKontext Consulting, Berlin
Jason R. Dinse, University College Roosevelt, Middelburg
Sjef van Erp, University of Maastricht
Francesca Fiorentini, University of Trieste
Konstantin Kholodilin, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin
Julien Licheron, Observatoire de l'Habitat, Luxembourg
Martin Lux, Czech Academic of Sciences
Esther Muniz Espada, University of Vallodolid
Helmut Ofner, University of Vienna
Teresio Poggio, University of Bolzano
Steffen Sebastian, International Real Estate Business School, Regensburg
Freek Spinnewijn, European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA), Brussels
Michel Vols, Groningen

The editors welcome book proposals sharing the series’ interdisciplinary and comparative orientation, irrespective of the substantive topics covered. Contact may be made with Christoph U. Schmid ([email protected]).

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