Strategic Management

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    International Management

    Paul N. Gooderham, Birgitte Grøgaard, Odd Nordhaug
    This timely and accessible MBA textbook explores the challenges faced by today’s multinational corporations. What is the optimal balance between local responsiveness and global integration? How can a common culture be developed in the ...


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  2. Add to Wish List The Economics of Organization and Coordination

    The Economics of Organization and Coordination

    Peter-J Jost
    This book provides a comprehensive economic approach for the analysis of organizational structure. It considers the parallels of coordination within firms, coordination between firms and market coordination and offers an economic analysi...
    Paperback (2013)

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    Hardback (2011)

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    Strategy, Innovation and the Theory of the Firm

    David J. Teece
    David Teece is one of the leading thinkers on issues of strategic management, particularly the importance of dynamic capabilities for organizations in industries undergoing change. This collection of his papers explores ideas of both the...
    Hardback (2012)

    List price £140.00

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  4. Add to Wish List Mergers and Acquisitions

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Edited by J. Harold Mulherin
    This significant collection of articles comprises seminal works in recent empirical research on mergers and acquisitions. The papers provide a detailed analysis of fundamental questions such as the sources of gains in mergers and acquisi...
    Hardback (2012)

    List price £308.00

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  5. Add to Wish List Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    Edited by Dean A. Shepherd, Denis A. Grégoire
    This authoritative collection presents the most important and influential contributions to the study of entrepreneurial opportunity. The first section investigates the nature of entrepreneurial opportunity. The second presents the best w...
    Hardback (2012)

    List price £351.00

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  6. Add to Wish List Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Edited by Stephanos Avakian, Timothy Clark
    Including a lengthy, comprehensive introduction, this important collection brings together some of the most influential papers that have contributed to our understanding of management consultancy work. The two-volume set encompasses the ...
    Hardback (2012)

    List price £536.00

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  7. Add to Wish List The Evolution of Organizations

    The Evolution of Organizations

    Edited by John Child
    The Evolution of Organizations brings together a selection of significant articles by leading academics as to how organizations and their environments evolve over time. They examine the foundation of evolutionary thinking, its applicatio...
    Hardback (2012)

    List price £363.00

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  8. Add to Wish List Competitive Strategy

    Competitive Strategy

    Edited by Catherine A. Maritan, Margaret A. Peteraf
    These two authoritative volumes are an essential guide to the most important research in the area of competitive strategy. The first volume contains articles that contribute to the understanding of competitive effects at industry, firm, ...
    Hardback (2011)

    List price £530.00

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  9. Add to Wish List Technology Strategy and Innovation Management

    Technology Strategy and Innovation Management

    Edited by Michael J. Leiblien, Arvids A. Ziedonis
    This essential volume brings together contributions by leading scholars in strategic management, which analyse contemporary thought in complex, knowledge-intensive and dynamic environments. This set of scholarly articles examines the uni...
    Hardback (2011)

    List price £238.00

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  10. Add to Wish List Corporate Strategy

    Corporate Strategy

    Edited by Margarethe Wiersema, Joseph Beck
    This authoritative volume, co-edited by an internationally recognised expert on corporate strategy, includes seminal articles on the theory underlying corporate strategy, the empirical evidence linking corporate strategy to firm performa...
    Hardback (2011)

    List price £314.00

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  11. Add to Wish List Strategy Process

    Strategy Process

    Edited by Paul Olk
    The evolving field of strategy process has witnessed many developments in recent years and attracted the attention of leading academics. Professor Olk, in this authoritative volume, has selected seminal papers which consider a number of ...
    Hardback (2010)

    List price £271.00

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  12. Add to Wish List Social Capital in Business

    Social Capital in Business

    Edited by Kenneth W. Koput, Joseph P. Broschak
    Innovative social investments are key to succeeding in the increasingly connected business environment. Within this authoritative volume, the editors have brought together seminal works which will help managers and entrepreneurs to bette...
    Hardback (2010)

    List price £221.00

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