Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry


Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry

9781783478149 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Patrik Wikström, Associate Professor, Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology, Australia and Robert DeFillippi, Professor, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, US
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78347 814 9 Extent: 240 pp
Over the past fifteen years the music industry has experienced a disruptive process of digital transformation that has reshaped most aspects of the industry; in 2015 the contours of a “new music economy” have begun to emerge. The structure and mechanics of these evolutionary processes vary considerably between continents, and this book examines these processes within Europe, America and Asia. The contributors offer a range of theoretical perspectives, as well as empirical findings from the social sciences and business, as well as the media industries. They offer a holistic understanding of the forces shaping the new music economy, and shed some light on the impact of these forces on the ways in which music is created, aggregated and distributed, and on the economic and social consequences for industry producers and consumers.

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Patrik Wikström and Robert DeFillippi bring together innovative, multidisclipinary perspectives on business innovation and disruption in the music industry. Authors from fields such as cultural studies, economics, management, media studies, musicology and human geography in North America, Europe and Asia focus on the “second wave” of digital disruption and the transformation of the music industry.

The chapters are structured into three parts: the first part contextualizes changes in the music industry that have been driven by digital technologies since the end of the 1990s. The second part unpacks the impact of these disruptive technologies on business models in specific industry sectors and geographies, and the third and final part examines questions related to the emergence of subscription music services. Concluding chapters link back to the role of hackers as a subversive and innovative force in the music economy and examine how hacker creativity can be facilitated and encouraged to generate the next big music industry innovation.

This multifaceted look at the music business will serve as a resource for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as established scholars and industry professionals.
Critical Acclaim
‘An excellent collection of essays about the evolution of a rapidly changing industry. Summing Up: Recommended.’
– R.J. Phillips, Choice

‘Wikström and DeFillippi have done an excellent job of compiling thoughts from a number of sources on the modernization of music. Ranging from the issues of fair payments to creators and the dominance of on-demand music in Scandinavia to government influence on music markets in China, the work offers a broad spectrum of views into the evolving music business. Anyone seeking to learn or teach global music business model innovation should place this book at the top of his/her list.’
– C. Allen Bargfrede, Berklee College of Music, US

‘Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry offers an enjoyable overview of the opportunities and challenges as well as of the driving forces of the current transformation of the music industry. Its contributions illustrate the contexts of this transformation as well as the change of business models. It is a rich source of empirical evidence and in particular of controversial but smart interpretations of current and future developments. I highly recommend Business Innovation and Disruption in the Music Industry to all practitioners, researchers and students interested in the music industry as a creative complex cultural and media business and to those who aim at participating in its further development.’
– Carsten Winter, Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, Germany

‘This is a timely book, given the disruptive elements that still dominate the twenty-first century music business. Edited by esteemed music industry scholar Patrik Wikström and creative industries Innovation expert Robert DeFillippi the 11 chapters from 15 international scholars across different disciplines are organised along three themes: "music industry transformation in context”, “changing business models” and “streaming music services and the future of music”. The international perspective of the book is arguably one of its greatest strengths, however, it is the future facing parts of this book that makes it most worth reading’
– Dennis Collopy, University of Hertfordshire, UK

‘This book offers a unique multidisciplinary perspective on the disruption that the digital revolution generates in the music industry. How have traditional business models and business frontiers been affected? Which new competencies do music labels and artists have to build? What are the possible consequences of the rise of music subscription services? How do streaming services impact the way revenues are divided between artists and labels, between hits and niche products? All these issues and many others that are raised in this book provide a deep understanding of the "music disruption" and also provide insights of what could be the future of other creative industries.’
- François Moreau, University of Paris, France
Contributors: R. DeFillippi, A. Dubber, R.G. Hammond, F. Li, G. Morrow, D. Nordgård, P. Preston, J. Rogers, D. Schreiber, A. Sinnreich, P. Snickars, H. Tessler, P. Tschmuck, A. Watson, P. Wikström



1. From Record Selling to Cultural Entrepreneurship – The Music Economy in the Digital Paradigm Shift
Peter Tschmuck

2. Back in Black – Re-Thinking Core Competencies of the Recorded Music Industry
Holly Tessler

3. Crisis and Creative Destruction – New Modes of Appropriation in the Twenty-First Century Music Industry
Jim Rogers and Paschal Preston

4. The Fallacy of Composition and Disruption in the Music Industry
Robert G. Hammond

5. Digital Disruption and Recording Studio Diversification – Changing Business Models for the Digital Age
Allan Watson

6. The Influence of Disruptive Technologies on Radio Promotion Strategies in the Music Industry – A Case of One Micro Firm''s Decision-Making Practice
David Schreiber

7. The Chinese Music Industries – Top Down in the Bottom-up Age
Guy Morrow and Fangjun Li

8. Slicing the Pie – The Search for an Equitable Recorded Music Economy
Aram Sinnreich

9. Lessons from the World’s Most Advanced Market for Music Streaming Services
Daniel Nordgård

10. More Music is Better Music
Pelle Snickars

11. You Have 24 Hours to Invent the Future of Music – Music Hacks, Playful Research and Creative Innovation
Andrew Dubber


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