Climate Economics


Climate Economics

Economic Analysis of Climate, Climate Change and Climate Policy

9781782545927 Edward Elgar Publishing
Richard S.J. Tol, University of Sussex, UK and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Publication Date: August 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78254 592 7 Extent: 208 pp
This unique and erudite text on the economics of climate change and climate policy can be used at three different levels – advanced undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral. It comprehensively covers the critical issues and clearly identifies the specific sections each level of reader should explore.

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This unique textbook offers comprehensive coverage of the economics of climate change and climate policy, and is suitable for advanced undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral students. Topics discussed include the costs and benefits of adaptation and mitigation, discounting, uncertainty, policy instruments, and international agreements. Special features include:

• In-depth treatment of the economics of climate change
• Careful explanations of concepts and their application to climate policy
• Customizable integrated assessment model that illustrates all issues discussed
• Specific usage guidelines for each level of reader
• Companion website featuring data, extra reading, quizzes, videos and more

This book is an essential text for students of varying levels in economics, climate change and environmental policy, and a resource for researchers and practitioners.
Critical Acclaim
'Right from the start, Tol delves into the economics of climate change policy by providing not only a thorough graphic analysis of the key concepts but also a sound mathematical treatment (with varying levels of rigor) of key concepts and results. Topics covered include the costs and benefits of adaptation and mitigation, discounting, uncertainty, policy instruments, and international agreements. Recommended. Graduate students through professionals and practitioners.'
– B.J Peterson, Choice

‘Climate Economics presents a concise yet comprehensive treatment of neoclassical environmental economics with reference to the problem of climate change and climate change mitigation.’
– Brendan Montague, Desmog UK

Contents: 1. The Science of Climate Change 2. Emissions Scenarios and Options for Emission Reduction 3. Abatement Costs 4. Policy Instruments for Emission Reduction 5. Impacts and Valuation 6. Impacts of Climate Change 7. Climate and Development 8. Optimal Climate Policy 9. Discounting, Equity, Uncertainty 10. Irreversibility and Learning 11. International Environmental Agreements 12. Adaptation Policy 13. Building an Integrated Assessment Model 14. How to Solve The Climate Problem? Index
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