Collaborative Strategy


Collaborative Strategy

Critical Issues for Alliances and Networks

9781783479597 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Luiz F. Mesquita, Arizona State University, US, Roberto Ragozzino, University of Liverpool, UK and Jeffrey J. Reuer, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, US
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78347 959 7 Extent: 352 pp
This book provides approachable and insightful chapters that summarize state-of-the-art thinking and research on alliances and networks. Contributions by leading scholars cover foundations or fundamentals as well as frontier areas through a diverse range of perspectives.

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Critical Acclaim
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This book provides approachable and insightful chapters that summarize state-of-the-art thinking and research on alliances and networks. Contributions by leading scholars cover foundations or fundamentals as well as frontier areas through a diverse range of perspectives. Topics include:

• the theoretical foundations of collaborative strategy

• firms’ partner selection and investment decisions

• contractual foundations of collaboration

• relational and behavioral aspects of collaboration, networks and portfolios

• novel collaborative relationships such as ecosystems and public–private partnerships, and the consequences of inter-organizational collaborations.

For doctoral and masters students, as well as managers new to the area of collaborative strategy, this collection provides concise chapters and literature reviews that make it an invaluable resource. Business practitioners and consultants who want to learn about this area and the underlying theory will also find this book a useful reference.
Critical Acclaim
‘Collaborative Strategy enables you to move past thinking about alliances based on hunches and move toward real empirical insight into the use, creation, and management of successful alliances. It is a comprehensive review of the current cutting-edge thinking about alliances, which are becoming such an increasingly pervasive part of both private and public industry. Whether you are contemplating a new equity joint venture, entry into a new market, or reassessing your current alliance portfolio you’ll find this book full of useful insights into what it takes to succeed at the alliance game. One of the most comprehensive looks at alliances I’ve seen, delivered succinctly and organized to be easily navigated.’
– Russ Buchanan, Xerox Corporation

‘Alliances and networks present a broad range of challenges as well as opportunities for executives. Academics have studied these relationships from various disciplinary perspectives while employing diverse research methodologies. This volume unpacks this breadth and complexity, and covers many of the cutting-edge research questions in the field. The contributors are the "Who''s Who" of the top scholars in the field. The volume is particularly valuable to scholars as well as students who are new to the area, and seek concise and insightful summaries of the many different streams of research on alliances and networks.’
– Riitta Katila, Stanford University, US

‘For managers forming or having formed partnerships with other institutions, this is a must read. Collaborative Strategy reveals what we are doing and why, and how we can do it better, in a seldom-achieved style that addresses the complexity of the academic debate whilst presenting key implications for practitioners.’
– Andreas Moosdorf, Pan-European Processes, Amazon

‘Whether you are a businessperson looking for an edge, a manager in charge of corporate development, an academic or student interested in alliances, you will find much to stimulate your thinking in this book. The multiple vantage points on strategic alliances brought together in a readable, logical and yet not oversimplified style will offer readers ample inputs for creativity, problem solving and ultimately business differentiation via alliances and networks.’    
– Fernando Chaddad, Accenture

‘The editors have organized an impressive array of original essays that define the state of the art in the research and practice of collaborative strategies and strategic alliances. The ideas in this book will influence thinking and work in this area for some time to come.’
– Jay B. Barney, The University of Utah, US

‘The editors have assembled a volume that meets the needs of seasoned academicians who study alliances and emerging scholars who wish to explore topics in the area of alliance formation, management, and termination. The editors manage to do this while considering the practicing alliance manager, who will find a treasure trove of practical examples and useful insights into making their alliances better. I hesitate to call this volume merely a handbook since that diminishes the scholarship that is central to the volume. I think that his volume serves an important gap in the strategic alliance literature by including papers that are of relevance to both the academic audience and the practicing manager. I highly recommend this volume.’
– Robert E. Spekman, University of Virginia, US

‘I do not conceive the consulting business that I lead without strong collaboration with external partners with complementary skills and resources. The implementation of a collaborative strategy requires a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities that such strategy involves. With an easy-to-read style, this book is an excellent reference for those who, like me, consider alliances and networks an essential part of business strategy.’
– Rodrigo Ribeiro, KPMG

‘The editors have assembled some of the world’s best interfirm collaboration scholars to develop a very comprehensive state-of-the art compendium of the research and research questions in this area. This is an indispensable reading for any scholar wanting to build expertise on this area. The coverage is extensive, and the contributions look both backward and forward. Every alliance scholar is going to want this book on their shelf.’
– Gautam Ahuja, University of Michigan, US

Contributors: A. Ariño, B. Arslan, N. Asgari, R.P. Bremner, S.M. Bruhs, C. Butter, S. Cabral, L. Capron, T. Chi, J. Choi, F.J. Contractor, Y. Doz, P. Dussauge, J. Dyer, K.M. Eisenhardt, D.W. Elfenbein, A. Gambardella, F. Habasche, J. Hagedoorn, D.P. Hannah, K.R. Harrigan, W. Hesterly, M.A. Hitt, W.H. Hoffmann, P. Kale, A. Keller, I. Kivleniece, T. Kretschmer, D. Lavie, S. Lazzarini, D. Li, J. Li, R. Madhavan, X. Martin, O.J. Martinez, K.J. Mayer, T. Mellewigt, L.F. Mesquita, W. Mitchell, K. Neumann, T. Nguyen, J.E. Oxley, C. Panico, L. Poppo, J. Prescott, B.V. Quélin, R. Ragozzino, J.J. Reuer, M. Rivera-Santos, A. Seth, B.S. Silverman, H. Singh, K. Singh, I. Stern, M. Stienstra, M. Sytch, S. Tallman, B.S. Vanneste, F. Wohlgezogen, X. Zhe, M. Zollo


Luiz Mesquita, Roberto Ragozzino and Jeffrey J. Reuer

Part I Theoretical Building Blocks
1. Strategic Alliances as Agents of Competitive Change
Kathryn Rudie Harrigan

2. Inter-partner Learning in Strategic Alliances
Yves Doz

3. Alliances: A Distinct Strategic Tool for Reconfiguring Resources and Businesses
Laurence Capron and Will Mitchell

4. Alliances and Markets for Technology
Alfonso Gambardella and Claudio Panico

5. Real Option Considerations in Devising a Collaborative Strategy
Tailan Chi and Anju Seth

6. Collaboration in Strategic Alliances: Cooperation and Coordination
Tobias Kretschmer and Bart S. Vanneste

Part II Partner Selection and Alliance Investment Decisions
7. Alliance Partner Selection
Dan Li, Jingyu Li and Michael A. Hitt

8. Strategic Alliance as a Mode of International Market Entry
Stephen Tallman

9. When Collaborative Strategy Turns into Acquisition: Distinguishing and Explaining Partner Acquisition versus Joint Venture Buyout
Miranda Stienstra and Xavier Martin

10. Alliances and Exogenous Shocks
Navid Asgari and Kulwant Singh

PART III Contractual Foundations of Alliances
11. Contractual Design of Alliances
Kyle J. Mayer and Zhe (Adele) Xing

12. Property Rights Theory and the Governance of Strategic Alliances
Daniel W. Elfenbein

13. Global Knowledge Acquisition Through Alliances: Optimizing Contracts and Task Complexity
Farok J. Contractor and Jeongho Choi

PART IV Relational and Behavioral Aspects of Alliances
14. The Relational View Revisited
Jeff Dyer, Harbir Singh and William Hesterly

15. The Process of Cooperation in Strategic Alliances
Birgul Arslan and Africa Ari-o

16. The Social Context of B2B Exchanges: Trust and Relational Governance
Laura Poppo and Truc Nguyen

17. Behavioral Alliance Strategy
Thomas Mellewigt, Sarah Maria Bruhs and Arne Keller

18. Culture in Alliance Research
Franz Wohlgezogen

19. A Stakeholder-Based View of Strategic Alliances
Kerstin Neumann and Maurizio Zollo

PART V Alliance Networks and Portfolios
20. The Network Perspective of Alliances: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead
Ravi Madhavan and John Prescott

21. The Architecture and Dynamics of Global Networks
Maxim Sytch

22. Managing the Configuration and Evolution of Alliance Portfolios
Werner H. Hoffmann and Ferry Habasche

23. Exploration and Exploitation Through Alliances
Dovev Lavie

PART VI Novel Collaborative Relationships
24. Business Ecosystems
Robert P. Bremner, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Douglas P. Hannah

25. Public-Private Collaboration: A Review and Avenues for Further Research
Ilze Kivleniece, Sandro Cabral, Sergio Lazzarini and Bertrand V. Quélin

26. Multi-Party Technology Alliances
Caren Butter and John Hagedoorn

PART VII Consequences of Inter-Organizational Collaboration
27. Alliance Performance
Miguel Rivera-Santos and Pierre Dussauge

28. You Are the Company You Keep: The Relationship between An Organization''s Alliance Activity and Its Status
Ithai Stern

29. Addressing Endogeneity Issues in Alliance Research
Octavio J. Martinez, Joanne E. Oxley and Brian S. Silverman

30. Alliance or Partnering Capability of a Firm: Antecedents, Constituents, and Performance Implications
Prashant Kale and Harbir Sin

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