Concise Encyclopedia of Human Geography


Concise Encyclopedia of Human Geography

9781800883482 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Loretta Lees, Initiative on Cities, Boston University, US and David Demeritt, Department of Geography, King’s College London, UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 348 2 Extent: 456 pp
With 78 specially commissioned entries written by a diverse range of contributors, this essential reference book covers the breadth and depth of human geography to provide a lively and accessible state of the art of the discipline for students, instructors and researchers.

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With 78 specially commissioned entries written by a diverse range of contributors, this essential reference book covers the breadth and depth of human geography to provide a lively and accessible state of the art of the discipline for students, instructors and researchers.

Carefully curated by two internationally recognised scholars in the field, entries are written by both distinguished and up and coming researchers and encompass the key ideas, concepts, and theories in human geography. The Encyclopedia examines both long standing subdisciplinary fields in human geography like economic geography and urban geography, but also more recent ones such as emotional geographies and indigenous geographies, making a point about the move to plural geographies. The selection of entries reflects both the influence of established developments, such as the ‘cultural turn’, and new advances including the growing interest in Big Data, the more committed focus on decolonization of the discipline, and interest in research on the Anthropocene.

This will be fundamental reading for human geography students, particularly undergraduates looking for a succinct and accessible resource for current thinking in the field.

Key Features:
• 78 concise entries from diverse international contributors
• Encapsulates the state of the art of research in the field
• Highlights new trends
• Explores the ways in which human geography is starting to decolonize
Critical Acclaim
‘Challenging the norm of multi-volume, door-stopper encyclopedias and expensive domain-specific handbooks, this Concise Encyclopedia provides a welcome, reasonably priced and student-accessible introduction to human geography. Diverse in seniority and gender, the authors’ compact, engaging and informed essays cover key concepts and sub-fields, equipping newcomers with the background to engage with contemporary human geography scholarship.’
– Eric Sheppard, University of California, Los Angeles, US

‘This state-of-the-art Encyclopedia provides a collection of fresh, illuminating and inspirational clarification of fundamental concepts in human geography. It sets the new standard for the study of human geography as a spatial science embracing engaged pluralism and committed to impactful knowledge production. An essential reference highly recommended to all of those interested in human-environment interaction and its dynamic changes over time and across space.’
– George C.S. Lin, University of Hong Kong
Contributors: Case Allen, Doug Allen, Ben Anderson, James Angel, Christine Añonuevo, Elia Apostolopoulou, Mohammed Rafi Arefin, Eduardo Ascensao, Amy Barron, Katy Bennett, Lawrence Berg, Ellen Bishop, Joe Blakey, Carl Bonner-Thompson, Arnaud Brennetot, Elizabeth Brown, Gavin Brown, Alida Cantor, Noel Castree, Elin Charles-Edwards, Benjamin Coles, Alice Cree, Barbara Crossouard, Mark Davidson, Archie Davies, Sarah de Leeuw, Christabel Devadoss, Michelle Duffy, Máiréad Dunne, Andrew Dwyer, Jay Emery, Marion Erickson, Mara Ferreri, Mark Fransham, Kathryn Furlong, Miriam Gay-Antaki, Pooya Ghoddousi, Franklin Ginn, Jamie Gough, Liza Griffin, Caroline Griffith, Debbie Hopkins, Victoria Houlden, Yingjie Hu, Tone Huse, Rob Imrie, Andrew Jonas, Martin Jones, Mel Jones, Rhys Jones, Hamish Kallin, Sarah Klosterkamp, Austin Kocher, Lilly Kong, Monika Krzywania, Satish Kumar, Andrew Kythreotis, Friederike Landau-Donnelly, Andrew Lapworth, Elise Lecomte, Felicia Liu, Michele Lobo, Jason Luger, Niamh McHugh, Benjamin Newman, Julie MacLeavy, Debolina Majumder, Andrew McGregor, Laura McNab-Coombs, Peter Merriman, Nadia Mosquera Muriel, Tia Ndu, Omolara Odulaja, Joe Penny, Martin Phillips, Anna Plyushteva, Lucas Pohl, Andy Pratt, Emil Pull, Clara Rivas-Alonso, Julie Ren, Michael Rios, Francisco Rowe, Sharda Rozena, Guillem Rubio Ramon, Kristian Ruming, Kanchana Ruwanpura, Joris Scapendonk, Anahid Shirkhodaee, Niamh Shortt, Onyx Vanessa Sloan Morgan, Krithika Srinivasan, Cristina Temenos, Matthew Tillotson, Justin Tse, Lorraine van Blerk, Carry Van-Lieshout, Margaret Walton-Roberts, George Warren, Rachel Woodward, Di Zhu
00 Introduction Loretta Lees and David Demeritt
01 Activism
Elise Lecomte
02 Actor Network Theory
Kristian Ruming
03 Affect
Ben Anderson
04 Animal Geographies
Guillem Rubio-Ramon and Krithika Srinivasan
05 Anthropocene
Noel Castree
06 Art
Friederike Landau-Donnelly
07 Artificial Intelligence
Di Zhu and Yingjie Hu
08 Assemblages
Pooya Ghoddousi
09 Big Data
Francisco Rowe
10 Bodies
Carl Bonner-Thompson
11 Bordering
Matthew Tillotson
12 Class
Julie MacLeavy
13 Colonialism
Satish Kumar
14 Comparative Geographies
Julie Ren
15 Crime
Elizabeth Brown
16 Critical Geographies
Lawrence Berg
17 Cultural Geographies
Andrew Lapworth
18 Development geographies
Andrew McGregor
19 Diaspora
Michael Rios
20 Digital Geographies
Andrew Dwyer
21 Disabilities
Rob Imrie
22 Displacement
Emil Pull
23 Economic geographies
Felicia Liu
24 Education
Ellen Bishop
25 Emotional
Katy Bennett and Jay Emery
26 Energy
James Angel
27 Environmental geographies
Mohammed Rafi Arefin
28 Ethics
Mara Ferreri
29 Ethnography
Sharda Rozena
30 Feminist geographies
Kanchana N. Ruwanpura and Miriam Gay-Antaki
31 Food geographies
Benjamin Coles
32 Gender
Anahid Shirkhodaee and Margaret Walton-Roberts
33 Geographic informations systems
Victoria Houlden
34 Geopolitics
Gavin Brown
35 Health geographies
Niamh Shortt
36 Historical geographies
Carry van Lieshout and Benjamin Newman
37 Humanistic geographies
Casey D. Allen
38 Identity
Christabel Devadoss and Doug Allen
39 Indigenous geographies
Christine Añonuevo et al.
40 Infrastructure
Kathryn Furlong
41 Labour geographies
Debolina Majumder
42 Landscape
Martin Phillips
43 Legal geographies
Caroline Griffith, Sarah Klosterkamp, Alida Cantor and Austin Kocher
44 Marxist geographies
Jamie Gough
45 Migration geographies
Joris Schapendonk
46 Military geographies
Rachel Woodward and Alice Cree
47 Mobilities
Cristina Temenos
48 Music
Michelle Duffy
49 Nation-state
Máiréad Dunne and Barbara Crossouard
50 Nature
Franklin Ginn
51 Neoliberalism
Arnaud Brennetot
52 Place
Tone Huse
53 Political ecology
Elia Apostolopoulou
54 Politics
Rhys Jones
55 Population geographies
Elin Charles-Edwards
56 Post-colonial geographies
Eduardo Ascensão
57 Poverty
Mark Fransham
58 Power
Liza Griffin
59 Psychoanalytical geographies
Lucas Pohl
60 Public space
Jason Luger
61 Race
Archie Davies and Nadia Mosquera Muriel
62 Radical geographies
Joe Penny
63 Realism (critical)
Andy Pratt
64 Relational geographies
Martin Jones
65 Religion
Justin Tse and Lily Kong
66 Representation/al
Amy Barron and Joe Blakey
67 Risk
George Warren
68 Rural geographies
Niamh McHugh
69 Scale
Andrew Kythreotis and Andrew E.G. Jonas
70 Segregation
Tia Ndu
71 Sexualities
Mel Jones
72 Social geographies
Michele Lobo
73 Space
Peter Merriman
Clara Rivas-Alonso
75 Transport geographies
Debbie Hopkins and Anna Plyushteva
76 Uneven development
Hamish Kallin
77 Urban geograpghies
Mark Davidson
78 Young people
Lorraine van Blerk
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