Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management


Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management

A Diversity Perspective

9781848447936 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mine Karataş-Özkan, Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, University of Southampton, UK, Katerina Nicolopoulou, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde, UK and Mustafa F. Özbilgin, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Brunel University, UK
Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 978 1 84844 793 6 Extent: 352 pp
This innovative book analyses the intersection between the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM), with a focus on diversity management. The book presents the scope of institutional engagements with CSR and diversity policies in a range of organisations and organisational networks.

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This innovative book analyses the intersection between the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM), with a focus on diversity management. The book presents the scope of institutional engagements with CSR and diversity policies in a range of organisations and organisational networks.

The editors explore the macro, meso and micro aspects of CSR, answering questions such as: what are the socio-economic, political, legal and cultural influences shaping CSR and diversity management? What are the institutional practices for linking CSR and HRM, and what are the implications of this for employee and organisational well-being? And, how can the differing needs and expectations of a diverse workforce be fulfilled through CSR?

Including both theoretical and empirical chapters, the contributors explore how global organisations and organisational networks can collaborate with stakeholders within their community to leverage their HRM strategies. They share their knowledge of the management process involved in mainstreaming diversity through effective design and implementation of CSR programmes in organisations.

This book will be a valuable resource for students at postgraduate and research level. It will also appeal to international audiences, including academic researchers, policy makers and organisational practitioners interested in the concept of corporate social responsibility and its links to human resource management in the context of globalization.
Critical Acclaim
‘A valuable guide to combine so far separate strands of thinking on CSR, DM and HRM. With its global focus, this book cuts through the claims and assumptions of existing understanding and provides data from a large set of countries. It will certainly stimulate insightful thoughts and practices of CSR in HRM.’
– Sibel Yamak, Galatasaray University, Turkey

‘Bringing together a range of international authors and providing both conceptual and empirical contributions to the study of the intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM), this book is essential reading for scholars and practitioners in both fields. The chapters demonstrate that although the two areas have not previously been strongly linked in research or practice, there is indeed significant overlap. The chapters show how to build more effective links, giving both practical recommendations and developing new theoretical insights.’
– Fiona Lettice, University of East Anglia, UK
Contributors: M. Al-Reyaysa, K. Amaeshi, A. Atewologun, M. Atiq, A. Beauregard, V. Braga, M.G. Bruna, A. Chand, C. Chauzal-Larguier, Z. Chiba, R. Dang, H. Desivilya Syna, A. Dirani, K. El Menzhi, W. Harvey, J. Howells, S. Ibrahim, D. Jamali, K. Jonsen, M. Karatas-Özkan, C. Marques, A. Murer-Duboisset, S. Naidu, K. Nicolopoulou, M. Özbilgin, R.D. Pathak, A.H. Pinnington, R. Pompeu, M. Raz, A. Rottman, A.M. Suliman, A. Tatli, B. Thomas, S. Thomas, H. Vermaut, L.-C. Vo, C. Yavuz, P. Zanoni

1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management: A Diversity Perspective
Mine Karatas-Özkan, Katerina Nicolopoulou and Mustafa Özbilgin

2. Reciprocity as a Way forward for Diversity Management and CSR Research
Ahu Tatli, Mustafa Özbilgin, Karsten Jonsen, Mine Karatas-Özkan, Kenneth Amaeshi, Adedoyin Atewologun, Alexandra Beauregard and Katerina Nicolopoulou

3. Defining and Connecting CSR, Reputation, Image, Identity, Brand, Legitimacy, Status and Diversity
Will Harvey

4. Synergies of CSR and Diversity Management: A Converging Agenda
Dima Jamali and Ali Dirani

5. An Underestimated Factor of Diversity in French Companies: The Case of ‘Solidarity Leave’
Christelle Chauzal-Larguier and Anne Murer-Duboisset

6. Women Directors and CSR: Evidence from Corporate Social Disclosure of French Companies
Maria Giuseppina Bruna, Rey Dang and Linh-Chi Vo

7. The Influence of University Social Responsibility on the Local Development and Human Capital
Randal Pompeu, Carla Marques and Vitor Braga

8. Partnership Among Stakeholders as a Vehicle for Promoting Good Practices in Diversity Management: The Case of Job Market Integration of College Graduates with Learning Disabilities
Helena Desivilya Syna, Amit Rottman and Michal Raz

9. Creating Social Capital for SMEs: A CSR Approach to HRM Practices
Shahnaz Ibrahim

10. You Look for Diversity Management, You Find CSR: Practices Aligning Business Goals and Minorities’ Needs in Flemish SMEs
Hannah Vermaut and Patricia Zanoni

11. Towards a Double Triangle Model of Socially Desirable HRM Practices and Firm Performance in Small Island Developing States
Suwastika Naidu, R.D. Pathak and Anand Chand

12. The Practice of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (SCSR) by European MNCs in a Developing Country: A Case Study of Four European MNCs
Muhammad Atiq

13. CSR in a Big Four Accounting Firm: Employee Engagement in Blood Donation Drives in Developing Countries
Meera Al-Reyaysa, Ashly H. Pinnington and Zubin Chiba

14. Leadership and CSR in Developing Countries: The Case of the UAE
Abubakr M. Suliman and Sumina Thomas

15. Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE: A Comparison of Two Different Industry Sectors ‒ Construction and Education
Betty Thomas and Ashly H. Pinnington

16. CSR in Human Resources Management
Kaoutar El Menzhi

17. Institutional Entrepreneurship: Social Responsibility and Agency of Social Entrepreneurs in Driving Institutional Change
Cagla Yavuz, Mine Karatas-Ozkan and Jeremy Howells

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