Covid-19 and the Hospitality and Tourism Industry


COVID-19 and the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

A Research Companion

9781800376236 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Dogan Gursoy, Taco Bell Distinguished Professor, School of Hospitality Business Management, Carson College of Business, Washington State University, US, Mehmet Sarıışık, Professor of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Tourism Faculty, Sakarya University of Applied Science, Turkey, Robin Nunkoo, Professor of Sustainable Tourism and Research Methods, Department of Management, University of Mauritius, Mauritius and Erhan Boğan, Associate Professor of Tourism Guiding, Tourism Faculty, Adıyaman University, Turkey
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80037 623 6 Extent: 400 pp
Offering a comprehensive understanding of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the tourism and hospitality industry, this book discusses the topic from economic, sociological and psychological perspectives. Critical case studies are used to explore both micro impacts on individuals involved in the industry and governmental and international responses to issues posed by the pandemic more broadly.

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Offering a comprehensive understanding of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the tourism and hospitality industry, this book discusses the topic from economic, sociological and psychological perspectives. Critical case studies are used to explore both micro impacts on individuals involved in the industry and governmental and international responses to issues posed by the pandemic more broadly.

Chapters explore ways in which tourism and hospitality organizations will need to re-think their marketing strategies, including destination branding. The book also analyses the economic impacts of the pandemic, including insights on the impact of previous pandemics on the tourism sector, and how this may inform future practice. It highlights changes that may be necessary to tourism management, looking at how COVID-19 has affected the tourism workforce, tourism employees’ psychology, supply chains, and revenues.

This is a timely and critical read for tourism studies and business and management scholars. It will also be a helpful resource for management in the tourism and hospitality industry looking to better understand how to react to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Critical Acclaim
‘Filled with many great international examples, this book is a timely volume exploring COVID-19 effects on hospitality businesses and communities, crisis management and sustainability practices. This is a very useful book for researchers, practitioners and students of tourism and hospitality to be better equipped in a post-pandemic world.’
– Haywantee Ramkissoon, University of Derby, UK

‘This post-pandemic research companion offers one of the most comprehensive reviews of the hospitality and tourism industry impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an all-star collection of scholars from around the world. Their intellectual insights and research applications are hard-hitting and insightful. A must-read for both students and industry practitioners seeking both anecdotal and empirical answers reflecting one of the most influential and historical economic impacts on the hospitality industry throughout the world.’
– Thomas A. Maier, University of San Francisco, US

‘This volume offers a set of authoritative discussions on the impacts of COVID-19 in the hospitality and tourism sector. It offers an insightful updating of the challenges and opportunities that the hospitality and tourism sectors will face in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This book is a must-read for all those interested in COVID-19 and its implications in these sectors.’
– Manuel Alector Ribeiro, University of Surrey, UK
Contributors: Süleyman Akkaşoğlu, Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh, Burak Atasoy, Günseli Güçlütürk Baran, Gözdegül Başer, Mehmet Emin Baynazoğlu, Abdurrahman Benli, Erhan Boğan, Veli Ceylan, Laurence Chalip, Güliz Coşkun, Caner Çalışkan, Ceren Miral Çavdırlı, Şenol Çavuş, Feridun Duman, Rüya Ehtiyar, Mustafa Kenan Erkan, Burak Eryılmaz, Sheereen Fauzel, Seray Gülertekın Genc, Volkan Genc, B. Christine Green, Özge Adan Gök, Dogan Gursoy, Caner Güçlü, Merve Işkın, Zameelah Khan Jaffur, David Kanters, Michael A. Kanters, Mustafa İnanç Kapucuoğlu, Elif Kaymaz, Rinzing Lama, Erik Luvaas, Boban Melovic, Cleopas Njerekai, Robin Nunkoo, Gülçin Özbay, Gamze Özoğul, Minkyung Park, Mehmet Sarıışık, Debagni Sarkhel, Boopen Seetanah, Hugues Séraphin, Abhijeet Shirsa, Ümit Şengel, Serkan Şengül, Özgür Topkaya, Oğuz Türkay, Şevki Ulema, Sevim Usta, Engin Üngüren, Aydın Yılmazer

Introduction: the present and the future of tourism amidst COVID-19 1
Robin Nunkoo, Dogan Gursoy, Mehmet Sarıışık and Erhan Boğan
1 Global crises and their effects on tourism economy 7
Oğuz Türkay and Burak Atasoy
2 A literature review of the most influential pandemics and their impacts
on the tourism industry 30
Erhan Boğan and Caner Çalışkan
3 Global effect of COVID-19 41
Mehmet Sarıışık and Sevim Usta
4 The effects of COVID-19 on the hotel physical environment from the
perspectives of tourists and hotel employees 60
Gözdegül Başer and Rüya Ehtiyar
5 The effects of COVID-19 on marketing policies and practices 72
Şevki Ulema and Süleyman Akkaşoğlu
6 COVID-19 pandemic and the hospitality and tourism industry: effects
on socio-cultural environment 81
Engin Üngüren and Caner Güçlü
7 Determining the impacts of COVID-19 on children’s perception of
destinations: a research method 93
Hugues Séraphin
8 COVID-19 effects on tourist psychology and purchasing behavior 104
Volkan Genc and Seray Gülertekın Genc
9 Effects of COVID-19 on tourism investments 116
Mehmet Emin Baynazoğlu and Boban Melovic
10 COVID-19 outbreak: effects on tourism and management measures taken 130
Gamze Özoğul and Günseli Güçlütürk Baran
11 Effects of COVID-19 on brand and destination image 151
Aydın Yılmazer and Merve Işkın
12 Effects of COVID-19 on global tourism demand 171
Şenol Çavuş and Veli Ceylan
13 The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism education 187
Cleopas Njerekai
14 Investigation of the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism workforce 195
Serkan Şengül and Burak Eryılmaz
15 The effect of COVID-19 on employee psychology in tourism 206
Gülçin Özbay and Elif Kaymaz
16 Travel companies’ effectiveness in tourism supply chains during the
COVID-19 pandemic 225
Abdurrahman Benli and Özgür Topkaya
17 Keep it golden: California during and after coronavirus (COVID-19) 236
Abhijeet Shirsat and Erik Luvaas
18 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism in SIDS 253
Zameelah Khan Jaffur and Boopen Seetanah
19 Six feet away: international events, social distancing and sustainability 275
Güliz Coşkun
20 The effects of COVID-19 on the food and beverage industry 285
Mehmet Sarıışık and Mustafa İnanç Kapucuoğlu
21 Crisis management and tourism: the case of Mauritius 297
Sheereen Fauzel
22 Crisis management and COVID-19: effects and practices in tourism business 308
Ceren Miral Çavdırlı and Özge Adan Gök
23 Reactions of parents to cancellation of elite youth travel sport:
implications for industry recovery 319
Laurence Chalip, B. Christine Green, Minkyung Park, David Kanters and
Michael A. Kanters
24 COVID-19: impact on tourism stakeholders of the Asian region 330
Rinzing Lama and Debagni Sarkhel
25 Effects of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry financial practices 338
Mustafa Kenan Erkan and Ümit Şengel
26 Effects of COVID-19 on tourism revenues 350
Feridun Duman and Şenol Çavuş
27 Mapping the governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its
implications on the hospitality and tourism industry: the case of Turkey 360
Derya Demirdelen Alrawadieh

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