Democratic Empowerment in the European Union


Democratic Empowerment in the European Union

9781788113557 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David Levi-Faur, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and the late Frans van Waarden, formerly Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 355 7 Extent: 320 pp
This book looks at democratic empowerment via institutional designs that extend the political rights of European citizens. It focuses on three themes: first, the positive and negative effects of the European Union institutional design on the political rights of its citizens; second, challenges for democratic regimes across the world in the 21st century in the context of regionalism and globalization; third, the constraints of neoliberalism and capitalist markets on the ability of citizens to effectively achieve their political rights within the Union.

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Citizenship is an ever-evolving and expanding concept. European citizenship is all the more so. This book considers the role that the institutional design of the European Union plays in extending the rights of EU citizens.

With chapters from leading researchers in the field, Democratic Empowerment in the European Union outlines the core themes relating to democratic empowerment in the EU. It examines the channels that are being made available by EU policy makers to help increase democratic participation, as well as the hindrances to, and the problems associated with, democratic empowerment. With its groundbreaking account of the ways in which EU citizens are hampered in exercising their democratic citizenship, and proposals for how they might be further empowered to do so, this book is an important addition to the literature on the subject, and offers an excellent introduction to this crucial issue.

Democratic Empowerment in the European Union will be essential reading for students of politics and both social and public policy with interests in democracy and citizenship, as well as European policy makers seeking to understand and encourage democratic engagement.

Critical Acclaim
‘This book will appeal to all those that have an interest in questions about how EU citizenship is developing to enable citizens to influence policymaking.’
– James Organ, Common Market Law Review
Contributors: W. Bakker, T. Binder, R.I. Csehi, F. Cheneval, K. Dinur, O. Eberl, M. Ferrín, R. Fransen, D. Gaus, A. Gerbrandy, H. Haber, P. Kaniok, V. Koska, N. Kosti, D. Levi-Faur, S. Seubert, C. Struenck, U. Puetter, F. van Waarden, R. Zwieky

Preface and Acknowledgement

1. Democratic Empowerment in the EU: An Introduction
David Levi-Faur, Nir Kosti and Frans Van Waarden

2. Involvement of national parliaments in the political system of the European Union: a way for democratic empowerment?
Petr Kaniok

3. Political inequality and democratic empowerment in the European Union: The Role of the European Parliament
Sandra Seubert, Oliver Eberl and Daniel Gaus

4. The European Citizens Initiative from Comparative Perspective
Fernando Mendez, Roman Zwicky and Daniel Kübler

5. The European Ombudsman
Marco Inglese and Tom Binder

6. Direct democracy in the European Union: An Option for Democratic Empowerment?
Francis Cheneval and Mónica Ferrín

7. Education for a Civic Culture
Wieger Bakker, Marlot van der Kolk and Viktor Koska

8. Competition Law and the EU Democratic Deficit
Anna Gerbrandy and Rutger Fransen

9. Regulation by litigation as a form of Empowerment
Christoph Struenck

10. How Financial Market Constraints and Technocratic Decision-making Impact on European Political Citizenship and Democracy?
Robert Csehi and Uwe Puetter

11. The Financialization of EU Citizenship: An Alternative to Democratic Empowerment
Hanan Haber and David Levi-Faur

12. Democratic Empowerment and the Future of the EU: Some lessons from Brexit
Keren Dinur, Nir Kosti, David Levi-Faur and Guy Mor


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