Handbook on Agriculture, Biotechnology and Development

Edited by Stuart J. Smyth, Assistant Professor, Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics, University of Saskatchewan, Peter W.B. Phillips, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan and David Castle, Professor of Public Administration and Vice President Research, University of Victoria, Canada

This book is a compendium of knowledge, experience and insight on agriculture, biotechnology and development. Beginning with an account of GM crop adoptions and attitudes towards them, the book assesses numerous crucial processes, concluding with detailed insights into GM products. Drawing on expert perspectives of leading authors from 57 different institutions in 16 countries, it provides a unique, global overview of agbiotech following 20 years of adoption. Many consider GM crops the most rapid agricultural innovation adopted in the history of agriculture. This book provides insights as to why the adoption has occurred globally at such a rapid rate.

'This is a timely assessment of the current and possible future status of GMOs, with useful observations on what has been learned along the way and how this knowledge might be applied. Well edited and produced.'
– L. C. Devis, Kansas State University, Choice

‘This Handbook covers a contentious topic, so the approach of the editors is refreshing, especially their transparent introduction as to how they organized their work. A key theme is evidence. I have been involved in agro-biotechnology for 25 years, mainly at the international level; I know that evidence is what matters. This is a comprehensive coverage of many aspects of agro-biotechnology but it is easy to navigate through the chapters and follow any number of issues of interest.’
– Peter Kearns, OECD, Paris

‘This Handbook is a tour de force, providing fascinating insights and nourishments for the mind that will shape views and visions. The rich interplay between science and society, between agriculture and development, comprehensively addressed in this Handbook is a must-read for anyone wishing to make a meaningful contribution to global development.’
– Anatole Krattiger, Cornell University, US

‘Over the last two decades one of the great global emerging technological trends has been the shift from chemistry to biology in agriculture. Bitterly contested and enduringly controversial, the shift to biotechnology has nevertheless led to greater sustainability and promises even greater gains in years to come. This Handbook is an invaluable compendium of detailed case study and insight.’
– Mark Lynas, Cornell University, US

‘This important volume analyses the current state of crop biotechnology development and regulation. It establishes a firm basis for understanding the current level of deployment of crops modified by biotechnology and also the uneven and often unscientific bases that have been used to judge their merits for particular regions. This book is an indispensable reference for anyone concerned with the development of this vital area of agriculture.’
– Peter H. Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden, US

‘With interest in biotechnology surging, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the potential that advancements in modern agriculture have to offer, how they’ve already changed agriculture around the world and what’s coming down the pipeline. Agriculture is about economics, the environment and feeding the world; so too, at the heart of it, is biotechnology, as this book so clearly demonstrates. The authors have years of experience with biotechnology and their expertise shines through on each page.’
– Lorne Hepworth, CropLife Canada

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