Elgar Encyclopedia of Health Care Management


Elgar Encyclopedia of Health Care Management

9781800889446 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Federico Lega, Professor of Health Management and Policy, Director, Research and Training Center in Health Administration, Department of Biomedical Science, University of Milan, Italy
Publication Date: August 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 944 6 Extent: c 368 pp
Management practices within the health care sector are shaped by a multitude of professional, social, political and technical factors. This Elgar Encyclopedia of Health Care Management provides clarity with holistic definitions and descriptions of essential health care systems, leadership and administration. Both engaging with new principles of care and existing themes within managerial practices, it offers a broad look into management within the ever-evolving sector.

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Management practices within the health care sector are shaped by a multitude of professional, social, political and technical factors. This Elgar Encyclopedia of Health Care Management provides insights and definitions on essential themes that clarify complexity and specificity of leading within the health sector, as well as the latest trends in health policy that affects management practices. Its structure is built on the current agenda of health managers and health management scholars and it offers a broad look into new challenges and principles that are re-shaping managerial dynamics of the health sector and the way the health services should be designed and delivered.

Key Features:

・117 accessible entries organised by theme
・An up-to-date examination of emerging health care paradigms
・Over 50 leading contributors from a variety of backgrounds and specialisms
・A balanced subject range aimed at improving the proficiencies of health care leaders, across technical skills and management practices

This authoritative work will be incredibly useful for students and scholars of health care management, policy and economics.

Critical Acclaim
‘This expertly-edited Encyclopedia is an outstanding resource for managers and students of today’s health care systems and organizations who must navigate a range of unprecedented challenges. Taken together, the 117 chapters provide a comprehensive, timely and useful summary and discussion of key topics in the field of health care management.’
– Thomas D'Aunno, New York University, US

‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Health Care Management is a unique resource for truly understanding the many nuances and complexities of the health care sector. Comprehensive in scope and global in viewpoint, Professor Lega provides a contemporary array of topics that are organized thematically and written by acknowledged subject matter experts. This ambitious and impressive Encyclopedia is an essential resource for healthcare policy makers, leaders, clinicians, researchers and students.’
– Stephen J. O’Connor, University of Alabama at Birmingham, US
Contributors include: Giovanni Aguzzi, Housein Akyil, Fabio Amatucci, Francesco Bagordo, Shir Sara Bekhor, Sabrina Beltramini, Assaf Ben Haim, Eric Berrou, Yagis Bey, Claudia Bianchino, David Brett Doerksen, Benedetta Calcaterra Borri, Stefano Calciolari, Edoardo Campioli, Mehmet Can Ciftci, Martina Cappellina, Clara Carbone, Davide Carnevali, Gloria Castelletti, Maria Grazia Cattaneo, Laura Cavazzana, Susanna Ciampalini, Ana Ciobanu, Giovanna Clerici, Domenica Costantino, Zignat Courtoux, Emilie Cozzani, Corrado Cuccurullo, Carolina Curti, Michele Cusmai, Magdalena Czajkowska, Alice Danieli, Silvia De Donato, Antonella De Donno, Lisa De Felice, Giuseppe De Filippis, Giulia De Fortunato, Gabriele Del Castillo, Clara Del Prete, Mario Del Vecchio, Ghina El Nounou, Ana Paula Fontoura Andrade Reis, Maria Cristina Galizia, Giulia Gallo, Sara Garlini, Tiziana Grassi, Francesca Grosso, Chiara Guglielmetti, Steven Howard, Sanem Inci, Preetha Karki, Peter Lees, Federico Lega, Valentina Lombardi, Vanessa Maffi, Elena Maggioni, Pietro Magnoni, Pietro Manzi, Alfredo Marchetti, Eduardo Marra, Emanuele Marsili, Marta Marsilio, Francesco Mazziotta, Valeria Mazzola, Federica Michelozzi, Francesca Montesi Righetti, Bharat Nandakumar, Federica Natarelli, Guido Noto, Paolo Oliva, Benjamin Oskar, Rossella Pellegrino, Antony Peris, Elisabetta Pierini, Martina Pisarra, Piera Polidori, Anna Prenestini, Sonia Maria Prevedello, Riccardo Primavera, Niccolò Principi, Bernardo Provvedi, Martyna Emilia Pszczolka, Francesca Randon, Gaia Ratti, Cecilia Rossi, Andrea Rotolo, Annachiara Rotolo, Davide Salvadori, Marco Sartirana, Anushka Shankar, Shatakshi Shatakshi, Luca Solari, Andrea Sommariva, Fivia Stavrou, Marta Szlaszynska, Silvia Tarricone, Navpreet Tiwana, Aswathy Varma, Stefano Villa, Alert Vukatana, Gabriele Zimei
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