Elgar Encyclopedia of Public Management


Elgar Encyclopedia of Public Management

9781800375482 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Kuno Schedler, Professor of Public Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 548 2 Extent: 424 pp
This comprehensive Encyclopedia is an essential reference text for students, scholars and practitioners in public management. Offering a broad and inter-cultural perspective on public management as a field of practice and science, it covers all the most relevant and contemporary terms and concepts, comprising 78 entries written by nearly 100 leading international scholars.

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Critical Acclaim
More Information
This comprehensive Encyclopedia is an essential reference text for students, scholars and practitioners in public management. Offering a broad and inter-cultural perspective on public management as a field of practice and science, it covers all the most relevant and contemporary terms and concepts.

Organised into six thematic sections for ease of reference, the Encyclopedia comprises 78 entries written by nearly 100 leading international scholars. Entries provide a concise and accessible overview of key ideas as well as highlighting current issues and emerging areas of study.

This Encyclopedia will be an important resource for students and scholars of public management as a starting point for research. It will also be useful for practitioners looking for a deeper understanding in their everyday work, as well as explanations of terms used by consultants and scholars.

Key Features:

• Over 70 entries
• Accessible explanations of key concepts
• Cross-referenced to facilitate further reading
• Organised into thematic sections for ease of reference
Critical Acclaim
‘In the dense landscape of reference works, this is the real thing. It brings together great scholars, offers a fascinating tour of the classics, and connects with today’s problems. It shows how far the field of public management has progressed, delivering relevant insights for public executives seeking to create public value.’
– Arjen Boin, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Contributors: Tomas Aquino Guimaraes, Jostein Askim, Tobias Bach, Faisal Ali Baig, Michael Barzelay, Evan Berman, Luc Bernier, Gambhir Bhatta, Elio Borgonovi, Jessica Breaugh, Chesney Callens, Francesca Casalini, Hon S. Chan, Pau Conill Cristòfol, Niccolò Cusumano, Hanna de Vries, Christoph Demmke, Patricia Egli, Ewan Ferlie, Matthias Finger, Daniel Fink, Adalmir Oliveira Gomes, Simon Grand, Carsten Greve, Giuseppe Grossi, Edson Ronaldo Guarido Filho, Ali Asker Guenduez, James Guthrie, John Halligan, Taha Hameduddin, Carolyn J. Heinrich, Graeme Hodge, J. Suzanne Horsley, Michael Howlett, Pieter Hupe, Soojin Kim, Minjung Kim, Andreas Klasen, Kurt Klaudi Klausen, Thomas Klikauer, Alexander Kotchegura, Karin Kreutzer, Peter Kruyen, Sanneke Kuipers, Oishee Kundu, Per Lægreid, Cecilia Florencia Lavena, Emmanuel Lazega, Mordecai Lee, Vincent Mabillard, Marcelo Marchesini da Costa, Nora Markwalder, Ann Martin-Sardesai, Roula Masou, Andrew Massey, Adam Masters, Katharine McGowan, Valentina Mele, Renate E. Meyer, Timo Meynhardt, Thekiso Molokwane, Giulia Mugellini, Lukamba Muhiya Tshombe, Riccardo Mussari, Alex Nduhura, Mirko Noordegraf, Janine O''Flynn, Edoardo Ongaro, Edward Page, James L. Perry, Greg Porumbescu, Eko Prasojo, Isabella Proeller, Jos C.N. Raadschelders, Christoph Reichard, Pedro Rey-Biel, Guillem Ripoll,Adrian Ritz, Kuno Schedler, Elizabeth A.M. Searing, Felix C. Seyfarth, John Siegel, Silvia Staubli, Ileana Steccolini, Joseph Stull, James H. Svara, Aline Tannò, Elvira Uyarra, Joris van der Voet, Bruno Varella Miranda, Veronica Vecchi, Koen Verhoest, Eran Vigoda-Gadot, Annelise Voisin, Susanne Boch Waldorff, Kai Wegrich, Clay Wescott, Kimberly K. Wiley, Sarah L. Young, Tamyko Ysa, Raphaël Zumofen,

Contents List of contributors viii Preface xi
PART I Public Management Foundations
1. Bureaucracy 2
Edward C. Page 2

2. Historical Roots of Public Administration: Development of the Interaction between Political and Administrative Officeholders 7
Jos C. N. Raadschelders

3. Integrity 11
Adam Masters

4. New Public Management 16
Kuno Schedler

5. Organization Theory and Public Management 21
Renate E. Meyer and Susanne Boch Waldorff

6. Philosophy for and of Public Administration and Management 27
Edoardo Ongaro

7. Political Organizations and Public Management – An Institutional Approach 32
Per Lægreid

8. Public Management as a Design- Oriented Professional Discipline 37
Michael Barzelay

9. Public Management: The Rise, Progress and Future of a Dynamic Research Field 43
Eran Vigoda-Gadot

10. Travel of Ideas in Public Management 49
Kuno Schedler and Simon Grand

PART II Public Management in Regions
11. Africa – Public Management Concepts and Developments 55
Lukamba Muhiya Tshombe, Thekiso Molokwane and Alex Nduhura

12. Asia-Pacific – Public Management Concepts and Developments 60
Faisal Ali Baig, Gambhir Bhatta and Clay Wescott

13. Europe – Public Management Concepts and Developments 65
Christoph Demmke

14. Integrated Public Management: A Perspective from the People’s Republic of China 71
Hon S. Chan

15. Latin America – Public Management Concepts and Developments 76
Marcelo Marchesini da Costa and Bruno Varella Miranda

16. Russia – Public Management Concepts and Developments 81
Alexander Kotchegura

17. US – Public Management Concepts and Developments 86
Mordecai Lee

PART III Public Management in Policy Fields

18. Courts and Public Management 93
Tomas Aquino Guimaraes, Edson Ronaldo Guarido Filho and Adalmir Oliveira Gomes

19. Policing and Public Management 99
Silvia Staubli and Daniel Fink

20. Prisons and Public Management 103
Daniel Fink and Silvia Staubli

21. Public Management and Education Governance 108
Annelise Voisin

22. Public Management in Health Care: With Examples from the English NHS 112
Ewan Ferlie

23. Public Management in International Governmental Organizations 117
Valentina Mele

24 Social Enterprises 121
Karin Kreutzer

25. Universities and Higher Education Management in the Digital Age 124
Felix C. Seyfarth

PART IV Public Management and Public Managers

26. Accountability and Responsibility of Public Managers 131
Raphaël Zumofen, Vincent Mabillard and Greg Porumbescu

27. City Management and City Managers 136
James H. Svara

28. Collegiality in Public Management 141
Emmanuel Lazega

29. Competence Management and Development 146
Peter Kruyen and Jessica Breaugh

30. Politician–Bureaucrat Relations 150
Tobias Bach and Kai Wegrich

31. Professionalism in Public Management 155
Mirko Noordegraaf

32. Public Management – Education and Training 161
Christoph Reichard

33. Public Personnel Management 166
Guillem Ripoll and Adrian Ritz

34. Public Service Motivation 172
James L. Perry and Adrian Ritz

35. Role-Perception of Public Managers 176
Aline Tannò

36. The Public Administration–Politics Dichotomy 181
Joseph Stull, Sarah L. Young, Elizabeth A. M. Searing and Kimberly K. Wiley

PART V Public Management Areas

37. ‘Tools’ in Public Management: How Efficiency and Effectiveness are Thought to be Controlled 186
Isabella Proeller and John Siegel

38. Behavioral Strategies in Public Management: Nudges Versus Incentives 191
Pedro Rey-Biel

39. Budgeting and Budget Types 196
Riccardo Mussari

40. Change Management in Government 201
Joris van der Voet

41. Citizen Satisfaction in the Public Sector 205
Soojin Kim and Minjung Kim

42. Communication in Public Management 208
J. Suzanne Horsley

43. Corruption in Public Management 212
Giulia Mugellini and Nora Markwalder

44. Crisis Management in Government 217
Sanneke Kuipers

45. Digital Government 222
Ali Asker Guenduez

46. Entrepreneurship in Public Management 229
Luc Bernier

47. Governmental Accounting 234
Ileana Steccolini

48. Information Use in Public Management 239
Jostein Askim

49. Innovation in the Public Sector 243
Hanna de Vries

50. Innovative Financing Schemes in Public Management 247
Andreas Klasen

51. Non-Financial Information and Public Management 253
James Guthrie and Ann Martin-Sardesai

52. Open Innovations in Government 257
Taha Hameduddin

53. Outcomes-driven Public Management 262
Carolyn J. Heinrich

54. Performance Management in Public Administration 267
Roula Masou

55 Power in Public Management 272
Andrew Massey

56. Public Management Consulting: “Consultocracy” or Management Aid? 277
Michael Howlett

57. Public Management Reform 283
John Halligan

58. Public Procurement 288
Elvira Uyarra and Oishee Kundu

59. Public Value in Public Management 292
Timo Meynhardt

60. Strategic Management in National Government 297
Evan Berman and Eko Prasojo

61. Strategic Management in Public Administration 302
Isabella Proeller and John Siegel

62. Street-level Bureaucracy 307
Peter Hupe

63. Values in Public Management 314
Elio Borgonovi

64. Whistleblowing 319
Cecilia Florencia Lavena

PART VI Public Management and Governance Issues
65. Corporate Governance and Hybridity of State-owned Enterprises 325
Giuseppe Grossi

66. Ecosystems in a Government Context 330
Tamyko Ysa, Kuno Schedler and Pau Conill Cristòfol

67. Interagency Collaboration 335
Chesney Callens and Koen Verhoest

68. Managerialism 340
Thomas Klikauer and Aline Tannò

69. Network Industries 346
Matthias Finger

70. Platforms for Public Value Creation 351
Francesca Casalini

71. Public Governance and Public Management 355
Kurt Klaudi Klausen

72. Public Private Partnership for Sustainable Development 360
Veronica Vecchi

73. Public Service Markets 365
Janine O’Flynn

74. Public–Private Partnerships 370
Carsten Greve and Graeme Hodge

75. Rationalities in Public Management 374
Kuno Schedler

76. Rechtsstaat and Rule of Law 378
Patricia Egli

77. Social Innovation 384
Katharine McGowan

78. Sustainability in the Public Sector 388
Niccolò Cusumano and Veronica Vecchi

Index 393

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