Encyclopedia of Asian Politics


Encyclopedia of Asian Politics

9781800374003 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alexander C. Tan, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Canterbury, New Zealand and University Chair Professor, Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University, Taiwan and Dennis F.Quilala, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 400 3 Extent: 326 pp
This state-of-the-art Encyclopedia provides a detailed snapshot study of politics in Asia. Curated by two internationally recognized scholars, entries offer key insights and critical reference points in order to navigate the vastness, diversity, and dynamism of Asian politics.

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This state-of-the-art Encyclopedia provides a detailed snapshot study of politics in Asia. Curated by two internationally recognized scholars, entries offer key insights and critical reference points in order to navigate the vastness, diversity, and dynamism of Asian politics.

Cross-disciplinary in approach, this pioneering Encyclopedia of Asian Politics reviews a broad range of issues such as democratization, identity politics, political culture, and terrorism, as well as the regional divisions across Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. Contributors include a wealth of specialist academics and practitioners from a diverse array of fields. They provide case studies on specific countries for further insight, focusing on China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Vietnam among other territories.

Offering a high level of detail in an accessible manner, this definitive Encyclopedia will be crucial reading for students and academics in international relations, international politics, Asian studies, and Asian politics. It will also prove an excellent reference point for practitioners and professionals working in the field.

Key Features:
• Covers the latest developments in the field of Asian politics
• Signposts extensive additional resources for further reading and exploration
• Over 50 entries organized according to key geographic regions and conceptual themes
• Entries written by leading scholars reviewing core topics in the current political landscape
Critical Acclaim
‘Asia is a vast and dynamic region. The Encyclopedia of Asian Politics captures this diversity. Providing a succinct analysis of each country in the region, it forms an essential resource that will guide readers through the complexities of Asian Politics.’
– Chun-Yi Lee, University of Nottingham, UK

‘Finally, we have an excellent Encyclopedia that provides an Asian perspective on politics, both theoretically and empirically! While political theories are often derived from American or European experiences, this volume offers critical and comparative insights into research on Asian politics.’
– Boyu Chen, University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan

‘As one of the most politically dynamic regions in the world, any serious student of politics should be familiar with politics in Asia. This volume provides an exciting introduction to the key approaches, themes, and country level studies of Asian politics through short accessible entries complete with resource lists and references.’
– Jason Young, Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

‘An essential, authoritative, and current reference work for readers to gain a temporal and spatial understanding of contemporary Asian politics. Contributed by experts in the field, these concise and perceptive essays enable readers to explore in-depth studies of various issues and countries in Asia.’
– Wei-chin Lee, Wake Forest University, US
Contributors: Thanikun Chantra, Chien-Kang Chen, Fang-Yu Chen, Pradit Chinudomsub, Mariana Cifuentes, Ikhsan Darmawan, Juhn Chris P. Espia, Rajat Ganguly, Eulalio R. Guieb III, Rosalia Arcala Hall, Tian He, Karl Ho, Jay C. Kao, Saya Kiba, Hsuan-Yu Lin, Edna Nurafeeqah Abdul Ghani Luah, Michael I. Magcamit, Rodelio C. Manacsa, Suthikarn Meechan, Dawn Miller-McTaggart, Noel M. Morada, Stephen Noakes, Kelly Park, Dennis F. Quilala, Janjira Sombatpoonsiri, Laura Southgate, Amalia Sustikarini, Alexander C. Tan, Orson Tan,  Josefina Socorro Flores Tondo, Chia-hung Tsai, Tsung-Han Tsai, Takayoshi Uekami, Neel Vanvari, Mai-Houng Vo, Andrea Chloe Wong, Dennis Lu Cheng Weng, Taehee Whang, Charles K.S. Wu, Jundeh Wu, Guang Yang, Wan-Ying Yang, Yao-Yuan Yeh, Ching-hsin Yu

1 Comparative methods 2
Dawn Miller-McTaggart
2 Ethnography 6
Josefina Socorro Flores Tondo and Eulalio R. Guieb III
3 Experiments 13
Jay C. Kao
4 Game theory 21
Taehee Whang
5 Institutions and institutionalism 26
Rosalie Arcala Hall
6 Q-methodology 33
Orson Tan
7 Statistical analysis 37
Guang Yang and Tsung-Han Tsai
8 Survey research 45
Chia-hung Tsai

9 Civil society 52
Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
10 Civil wars 58
Juhn Chris P. Espia
11 Constitutions 62
Neel Vanvari
12 Courts and judicial systems 69
Rodelio C. Manacsa
13 Democratization 75
Fang-Yu Chen
14 Electoral systems 82
Ikhsan Darmawan
15 Executives 87
Dawn Miller-McTaggart
16 Gender and politics 92
Wan-Ying Yang
17 Identity politics 99
Orson Tan
18 Legislatures 103
Juhn Chris P. Espia
19 Militaries 109
Saya Kiba
20 Political behavior 113
Dennis Lu Chung Weng
21 Political culture 118
Charles K. S. Wu, Hsuan-Yu Lin and Yao-Yuan Yeh
22 Political economy 122
Stephen Noakes
23 Political economy of developmental states 126
Tian He
24 Political ideologies 133
Chien-Kang Chen
25 Political parties 137
Ching-Hsin Yu
26 Public policy 142
Dawn Miller-McTaggart
27 Religion and politics 147
Michael I. Magcamit
28 Social movements 155
Mariana Cifuentes
29 Terrorism 158
Juhn Chris P. Espia

30 Northeast Asia 163
Hsuan-Yu Lin, Charles K. S. Wu and Yao-Yuan Yeh
31 South Asia 168
Rajat Ganguly
32 Southeast Asia 174
Juhn Chris P. Espia

33 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 179
Andrea Chloe Wong
34 Association of Southeast Asian Nations 182
Laura Southgate
35 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation 187
Neel Vanvari

36 Bhutan 194
Neel Vanvari
37 Brunei Darussalam 201
Edna Nurafeeqah Abdul Ghani Luah
38 China 207
Tian He
39 Hong Kong 213
Karl Ho
40 India 218
Neel Vanvari
41 Indonesia 225
Amalia Sustikarini
42 Japan 230
Takayoshi Uekami
43 Laos 235
Suthikarn Meechan
44 Malaysia 241
Orson Tan
45 Myanmar 246
Noel M. Morada
46 Pakistan 254
Neel Vanvari
47 Philippines 262
Andrea Chloe Wong
48 Republic of Korea (South Korea) 267
Sun Young (Kelly) Park
49 Singapore 274
Orson Tan
50 Sri Lanka 279
Rajat Ganguly
51 Taiwan 286
Alexander C. Tan and Jundeh Wu
52 Thailand 290
Thanikun Chantra and Pradit Chinudomsub
53 Vietnam 293
Mai-Huong Vo

Index 298
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