Encyclopedia of Health Research in the Social Sciences


Encyclopedia of Health Research in the Social Sciences

9781800885684 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Kevin Dew and Sarah Donovan, Sociology and Social Policy Programme, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 568 4 Extent: 378 pp
Featuring state-of-the-art contributions from leading experts in their respective fields, the Encyclopedia of Health Research in the Social Sciences explores an extensive range of topics, concepts, research approaches and theoretical orientations aimed at providing guidance for those undertaking health research.

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Featuring state-of-the-art contributions from leading experts in their respective fields, the Encyclopedia of Health Research in the Social Sciences explores an extensive range of topics, concepts, research approaches and theoretical orientations aimed at providing guidance for those undertaking health research.

Cross-disciplinary in scope, the Encyclopedia provides an accessible introduction to a wide variety of complex topics and presents a comprehensive overview of the latest findings in the field of health research. Entries examine timely issues such as big data in healthcare, complementary and alternative medicine, feminism and population health, social class and health inequalities, and vaccination debates. It ultimately exemplifies how social science perspectives can be deployed to help us better understand how individuals, institutions and society can act to support health and wellbeing.

This informative Encyclopedia will be an indispensable reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students across disciplines with an interest in the complex relations between health research and the social sciences.

Key Features:
· 65 fully-referenced entries
· An interdisciplinary approach, with topics ranging from animal studies to wellbeing
· Written in a concise and accessible style, enabling researchers and students of social science to consider how to relate entries to their own interests
Critical Acclaim
‘Kevin Dew and Sarah Donovan offer an invaluable conceptual toolkit for health researchers wanting to learn more about what the social sciences have to offer them. The range of topics covered in this volume is impressive, providing guidance to key ideas, debates and further reading on specialist topics.’
– Alan Petersen, Monash University, Australia
Contributors: Sudeepa Abeysinghe, Anna Adcock, Courtney Addison, Gavin Andrews, Tamar Antin, Nayantara Sheoran Appleton, Ignacia Arteaga, Jennifer Ayton, Peri Ballantyne, Josh Barton, David Blane, Hannah Bradby, Caragh Brosnan, Michael Calnan, Heather Came, Eryn Campbell, Katherine Carroll, Allison Carter, Kalysha Closson, Christopher J. Colvin, Susan Cox, Fiona Cram, Susan Crowther, Kevin Dew, Robert Dingwall, Sarah Donovan, Leslie Dubbin, Sarah Earthy, Mary F.E. Ebeling, Jette Ernst, David Evans, Janet Fanslow, Anne E. Ferrey, Ruth Fitzgerald, James Rupert Fletcher, Katherine Frohlich, Jonathan Gabe, John Gardner, James Gillett, Judith Green, Trish Greenhalgh, Marilys Guillemin, Rebecca Haines-Saah, Emily Hansen, Stephanie Hatzifilalithis, Lesley Henderson, Flis Henwood, Sarah Hill, Elaine Hyshka, Jonathan (Yotti) Kingsley, John Kotcher, Henry Llewellyn, Edward Maibach, Benjamin Marent, Brian Martin, Elizabeth McGill, Lindsay McLaren, Kim McLeod, Lee Monaghan, Catherine Montgomery, Christy Newman, Rebecca Olson, Dominic O’Sullivan, Morten Hulvej Rod, Tarryn Phillips, Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz, Dima Rusho, Emile Sanders, Janet Shim, Anthony K.Smith, Ewen Speed, Fiona Spotswood, Maria Stubbe, Hilary Thomas, Lee Thompson, Catherine Trundle, Sri Saahitya Uppalapati, Manuel Vallée, Rachael Wakefield-Rann, Narelle Warren, Zhaoxi Zheng

Introduction to the
Encyclopedia of Health
Research in the Social Sciences x
Kevin Dew and Sarah Donovan
Animal studies and healthcare 1
James Gillett
Big data in healthcare 7
Mary F.E. Ebeling
Breastfeeding 12
Emily Hansen and Jennifer Ayton
Chronic illness 18
Dima Rusho and Narelle Warren
Commercial determinants of health 24
Sarah Hill
Communication research on
climate change 30
Eryn Campbell, Sri Saahitya
Uppalapati, John Kotcher, and
Edward Maibach
Complementary and alternative
medicine 36
Caragh Brosnan
Complexity theory and evaluation 42
Elizabeth McGill
Contested illness 48
Tarryn Phillips and Catherine
Critical policy analysis 54
Heather Came and Dominic
Critical quantitative research 59
Lindsay McLaren
Critical realism 65
Lee F. Monaghan
Cultural health capital 71
Leslie Dubbin and Janet K. Shim
Death and dying 77
Rebecca E. Olson and Zhaoxi Zheng
Dementia studies 82
James Rupert Fletcher
Digital health 88
Benjamin Marent and Flis Henwood
Disasters and health 94
Sudeepa Abeysinghe
Discourse analysis 98
Ewen Speed
Economics for health equity 103
Lindsay McLaren
Ethical sensibilities in
ethnographies of care 109
Ignacia Arteaga and Henry Llewellyn
Ethnicity, racism and health 115
Hannah Bradby
Feminism and population health 122
Kalysha Closson and Allison Carter
Framing pollution 128
Lesley Henderson
Genetic medicine 135
Courtney Addison
Harm reduction 140
Rebecca J. Haines-Saah and
Elaine Hyshka
Health promotion 146
Morten Hulvej Rod and
Katherine L. Frohlich
Hermeneutic phenomenology 151
Susan Crowther
Hormonal contraception 158
Nayantara Sheoran Appleton
Indigenous peoples and health research 164
Anna Adcock and Fiona Cram
Indoor ecologies and health 169
Rachael Wakefield-Rann
Leadership 175
David Evans
LGBTQ+ health and social research 181
Anthony K.J. Smith and Christy E.
Life course research 187
David Blane
Medicalisation 192
Kevin Dew
Micro-analysis and health interactions 198
Maria Stubbe
Mobilities and health 204
Judith Green
Nature and wellbeing 211
Jonathan (Yotti) Kingsley
Neoliberalism 216
Peri Ballantyne
New medical technologies 221
John Gardner
Occupational health and safety 227
Josh Barton
Older age 232
Gavin J. Andrews and Stephanie
Pandemics and epidemics 237
Robert Dingwall
Pharmaceuticalisation 243
Jonathan Gabe
Postmodernism and health research 248
Lee Thompson
Practice theory and health intervention 251
Fiona Spotswood
Prenatal screening 256
Ruth P. Fitzgerald
Professionalization 261
Jette Ernst
Qualitative evidence synthesis 266
Christopher J. Colvin
Qualitative interviews 271
Hilary Thomas and Sarah Earthy
Responsibility 277
Catherine Trundle
Science and Technology Studies 283
Catherine M. Montgomery
Sensory methods 288
Marilys Guillemin and Susan M. Cox
Sexuality and health 293
Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz
Social class and health inequalities 299
Sarah Hill
Social marketing 305
Fiona Spotswood
Sociology of pesticides 310
Manuel Vallée
Stigma and public health 317
Tamar M.J. Antin and Emile Sanders
Symbolic interactionism 322
James Rupert Fletcher
Translational research 328
Trisha Greenhalgh and Anne E. Ferrey
Trust 335
Michael Calnan
Vaccination debates 342
Brian Martin
Video-reflexive ethnography 346
Katherine Carroll
Violence against women 352
Janet L. Fanslow
Visual methods 359
Susan M. Cox and Marilys Guillemin
Wellbeing 365
Kim McLeod
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