Encyclopedia of Social Innovation


Encyclopedia of Social Innovation

9781800373341 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jürgen Howaldt, Director and Christoph Kaletka, Deputy Director, Social Research Centre Dortmund, TU Dortmund University, Germany with the assistance of Marthe Zirngiebl, Daniel Krüger and Karina Maldonado-Mariscal
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 334 1 Extent: 498 pp
This invaluable Encyclopedia presents an interdisciplinary and comprehensive overview of the field of social innovation, providing an insightful view into potential future developments both practically and theoretically.

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This invaluable Encyclopedia presents an interdisciplinary and comprehensive overview of the field of social innovation, providing an insightful view into potential future developments both practically and theoretically.

With entries authored by prominent international scholars, the Encyclopedia outlines the theoretical foundations, concepts, types, processes and measurement of social innovation. Entries cover a variety of key themes including social innovation ecosystems, co-creation, new technologies and methods, education, governance and policies.

The Encyclopedia of Social Innovation will serve as a significant reference point for both scholars and students of social entrepreneurship, sociology and management. It will also be beneficial for all those seeking to clarify various problem-solving routes in the face of contemporary societal challenges.

Key Features:
• 77 accessible and fully-referenced entries
• An interdisciplinary scope providing readers with a sound overview of social innovation in different research areas
• Exploration of the societal, political, business and entrepreneurial ramifications of social innovation
• Examination of the challenges caused by modern phenomena such as rapid population growth and how these challenges have affected new social demands.
Critical Acclaim
‘In recent decades, the study of social innovations has become a vibrant and increasingly specialized field of research. This Encyclopedia offers a unique journey into this research area thanks to a plurality of theoretical frameworks, disciplinary perspectives and research angles from 77 articles. An essential reference!’
– Sylvain Lefèvre, University of Québec at Montréal, Canada

‘With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners from all over the world, this comprehensive and extraordinary reference work provides a wealth of information on innovative approaches to addressing social and socio-economic challenges. Whether you''re an academic, a social entrepreneur, or policymaker, the Encyclopedia of Social Innovation is a must-have for understanding and advancing social innovation.’
– Susana Borras, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘The Encyclopedia of Social Innovation offers a rich set of topics and themes and insightful reflection by globally renowned scholars.’
– Johanna Mair, Hertie School, Germany
Contributors: Yves-Marie Abraham, Graziela Alperstedt, Carla Alvial-Palavicino, Carolina Andion, Ken Aoo, Flor Avelino, Swati Banerjee, Jo Barraket, Sergio Belda-Miquel, Gabriel Berger, Steffen Bethmann, Dipannita Bhattacharjee, Birgit Blättel-Mink, Leopoldo Blugerman, Victoria Boelman, Alejandra Boni, Stefan Böschen, Marie Bouchard, Marleen Brans, Uwe Cantner, Toni Caro, Eleanor Carter, Shrirang Chaudhary, Gabriela Christmann, Carla Cipolla, Wendy Cukier, Anne de Bruin, Tine de Moor, Alessandro Deserti, Steven Dhondt, Dmitri Domanski, Adina Dumitru, Alexander Ebner, Jakob Edler, Monica Edwards-Schachter, Marta Enciso, Timur Ergen, Benjamin Ewert, Anne-Laure Fayard, Dirk Fornahl, Diego Galego, Bipashyee Ghosh, Tuur Ghys, Maria Gohn, Zohreh Hassannezhad, Atila Havas, Fiona Henderson, Jürgen Howaldt, Lars Hulgard, Matthias Hüttemann, Gorka Espiau Idoiaga, Alina Kadyrova, Christoph Kaletka, René Kemp, Andreas Knie, Ralf Kopp, Gorgi Krlev, Cordula Kropp, Daniel Krüger, Christopher Kullenberg, Benoît Lévesque, Ghita Lkhoyaali, Karina Maldonado-Mariscal, Ashokkumar Manoharan, Sally McGeogh, Katharine McGowan, Adela McMurray, Massimo Menichinelli, Matthias Menter, Georg Mildenberger, Jeremy Millard, Nora Milotay, Philipp Mirvis, Gianluca Misuraca, Guang Ying Mo, Michele-Lee Moore, Bronwen Morgan, Geoff Mulgan, Cian O''Donovan, Anne Parpan Blaser, Bonno Pel, Caetano C.R. Penna, Marlei Pozzebon, Maria Rabadijeva, Emmanuel Raufflet, Francesca Rizzo, Karolin Rogge, Pierre Rossel, Michael Roy, Fabio Saldanha, Ella Scheepers, Johan Schot, Antonius Schröder, Cornelius Schubert, Klaus Schuch, Elmar Schüll, Michael Schwarz, Don Scott, Abdul Shaban, P.K. Shajahan, Mandy Singer-Brodowski, Melanie Smallman, Lina Sonne, Ana Clara Souza, Simone Strambach, Judith Sutz, Simon Teasdale, Judith Terstriep, Volker Then, Jan-Frederik Thurmann, Ola Tjörnbo, Fergus Turner, Diana Carolina Velasco, Lucien von Schomberg, Rene von Schomberg, Eva Wascher, Matthias Weber, Olaf Weber, Sabine Weber, Julia M.Wittmayer, Laura Fee Wloka, Rafael Ziegler, Marthe Zirngiebl


Introduction to the
Encyclopedia of Social Innovation xxv
Jürgen Howaldt and Christoph Kaletka

1 Ambivalence and
side-effects of social innovations 2
Stefan Böschen
2 Imagined futures and
social innovation 7
Timur Ergen
3 Operationalizing social
practice theories for social
innovation research 11
Maria Rabadjieva and Marthe
4 Resistance to social innovation 18
Tuur Ghys
5 Social innovation and the
remaking of structures,
systems and regimes 23
René Kemp and Bonno Pel
6 Social innovations as
a repair of social order 31
Cornelius Schubert
7 Social innovation and
social change 36
Jürgen Howaldt and Michael
8 Strands of social
innovation research 44
Adela McMurray, Ashokkumar
Manoharan and Don Scott
9 System thinking for social
innovation 49
Katharine McGowan,
Michele-Lee Moore and Ola Tjörnbo

10 Exnovation 55
Rafael Ziegler
11 Joseph A. Schumpeter:
innovation and society 60
Birgit Blättel-Mink
12 Open social innovation 66
Anne-Laure Fayard
13 The politics of
conceptualizing social innovation 72
Michael J. Roy, Simon Teasdale
and Lars Hulgård
14 Social innovation in the digital age 76
Gianluca Misuraca and Pierre Rossel
15 Social innovation and
technological innovation 82
Matthias Weber
16 Social innovation research
and innovation studies 88
Attila Havas
17 The South American
concept of tecnologia social 94
Marlei Pozzebon, Ana Clara
Souza and Fabio Prado Saldanha
18 Sustainable innovation 99
Cordula Kropp

19 Co-creation in social innovation 106
Melanie Smallman and Cian
20 Democratic experimentation and social innovation 111
Carolina Andion and Graziela
21 Design for social innovation 117
Alessandro Deserti and
Francesca Rizzo
22 Diffusion 122
Jürgen Howaldt, Ralf Kopp and
Michael Schwarz
23 Grassroots innovation for
transformative social change 127
Swati Banerjee, Abdul Shaban
and Shrirang Chaudhary
24 The institutionalization of
social innovations 132
Bonno Pel
25 Power and empowerment
in social innovation 139
Flor Avelino, Julia M. Wittmayer
and Adina Dumitru

26 Collaborative spaces for
social innovation 147
Eva Wascher
27 Cross-sector collaboration
for social innovation 152
Jo Barraket and Sally McGeoch
28 Ecosystems of social innovation 157
Dmitri Domanski, Christoph
Kaletka and Daniel Krüger
29 Foundations and social innovations 162
Steffen Bethmann
30 Governance of social innovation 167
Diego Galego and Marleen Brans
31 Innovation systems 172
Alexander Ebner
32 Law and social innovation 177
Bronwen Morgan
33 Social innovation, civil
society and democracy-building 184
Alejandra Boni, Sergio
Belda-Miquel and Diana Velasco
34 Social innovation labs 189
Mónica Edwards-Schachter
35 Social movements 195
Maria da Glória Gohn and
Karina Maldonado-Mariscal
36 Social networks and social
innovation 203
Lina Sonne Vyas

37 Futures studies and social
innovation 209
Elmar Schüll
38 Social innovation to
advance diversity and inclusion 214
Wendy Cukier, Zohreh
Hassannezhad Chavoushi and
Guang Ying Mo
39 Social innovation in education 219
Karina Maldonado-Mariscal
and Antonius Schröder
40 Social innovation in energy
system transformation 224
Julia M. Wittmayer and Karoline
S. Rogge
41 Social innovation in the
fashion industry 229
Sabine Weber
42 Social innovations and the
future of mobility in times
of climate change 234
Andreas Knie
43 Social innovation in health 239
Victoria Boelman
44 Social innovation through
the Maker Movement 245
Massimo Menichinelli
45 Social innovation and
poverty and marginalization 250
P. K. Shajahan and Dipannita
46 Social innovations in rural areas 258
Gabriela Christmann
47 Social innovation in services 263
Carla Cipolla
48 Social innovation in social work 268
Anne Parpan-Blaser and
Matthias Hüttemann
49 Social innovation and
territorial development 273
Alina Kadyrova
50 Social innovation research
and practice for sustainable
development 278
Jeremy Millard
51 Social justice and social
innovation 285
Fergus Turner and Ella Scheepers
52 Welfare innovation for
social cohesion 292
Benjamin Ewert
53 What ageing societies
mean for social innovation 297
Ken Aoo and Fiona Henderson
54 Workplace innovation 302
Steven Dhondt

55 Cooperatives and social
innovation 308
Gorka Espiau Idoiaga
56 Corporate social innovation 313
Philip H. Mirvis
57 Degrowth 319
Yves-Marie Abraham
58 The potential of social
innovation for future
employment trends 324
Antonia Caro-González and
Marta Enciso-Santocildes
59 The revival of the commons 331
Tine de Moor
60 Social economy 336
Marie Bouchard and Benoît Lévesque
61 Social entrepreneurship 342
Anne de Bruin, Simon Teasdale
and Michael J. Roy
62 Social value in
management and social
innovation research 347
Ghita Lkhoyaali and Emmanuel
63 Socially inclusive businesses 351
Gabriel Berger and Leopoldo

64 Citizen science 360
Christopher Kullenberg
65 Social innovation and
its actors: the role of
university research 364
Judith Sutz
66 Social innovation and
social sciences 370
Klaus Schuch
67 Transformative research 376
Mandy Singer-Brodowski

68 EU policy on social innovation 383
Nora Milotay
69 Next generation innovation policy 389
Jakob Edler
70 Responsible research and
innovation as a social innovation 395
Lucien von Schomberg and
René von Schomberg
71 Social innovation and the
new role of the state 400
Uwe Cantner, Dirk Fornahl and
Matthias Menter
72 Social innovation and
public policy 408
Geoff Mulgan
73 Transformative innovation policy 414
Caetano C. R. Penna, Carla
Alvial-Palavicino, Bipashyee
Ghosh and Johan Schot

74 Impact bonds: beyond the hype? 421
Eleanor Carter and Andreea
75 Social impact measurement 427
Gorgi Krlev, Georg
Mildenberger and Volker Then
76 Social innovation measurement 432
Judith Terstriep, Gorgi Krlev,
Georg Mildenberger, Simone
Strambach, Jan-Frederik
Thurmann and Laura-Fee Wloka
77 Sustainable finance as
a social innovation 441
Olaf Weber

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